Drivatars spoil the blood of players in Forza Horizon 5

November 25, 2021, 4:11 pm

Players have a problem with AI in Forzie Horizon 5. It turns out that at higher levels of difficulty, AI-controlled drivatars are often insurmountable.


  1. The players Forza Horizon 5 complain that the drivatar difficulty level is too high.
  2. At the Invincible, Pro and Expert levels, AI drivers often do not give players a chance.

Although we usually complain about the stupidity of artificial intelligence in games, in the case of Forza Horizon 5 we are dealing with the opposite phenomenon. At the highest levels of difficulty, it turns out to be computer-based the so-called drivatars are insurmountable enemies. And although it is known that the high level of difficulty is not to make it easy for us, as the players convince, drivatars on the level of ?? Invincible ?? they are in fact invincible.

Both on Reddit and on the official forum Forzy voices of players are heard unpleasantly surprised by the fact that rivals controlled by artificial intelligence are until that good.

Recall that the drivatars from the series Forza in theory are what ?? more than computer-controlled opponents. Their task is to simulate the driving of real players and learn their behavior ?? at least that’s what the developers say.

The HardB4SSJunkiE player describes his struggles so far:

Is it just me or are the drivatars too unbalanced at the moment? Yes, we all wanted a bigger challenge than we did FH4but Jesus Mary, these drivatars in FH5 they glide like on rails! [Poziom – dop. red.] Invincible is actually unbeatable … and I’m not a bad driver at all. Pro level drivatars are also ?? OP ?? [ang. overpowered – dos³. zbyt mocne]; I have a problem to keep up with Expert drivatars! This is terribly frustrating.

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It seems that at the highest levels (invincible, Pro, and Expert in the end), defeating some drivatars is almost a miracle. How the player with the nickname RocktamusPrim3 reports:

The only way I can keep up with them is to get ahead of them all at the start, and if I’m not in the first place in the middle of a race or in the last lap, chances are good that That I couldn’t even get second place, so I’m starting the race all over again.

Of course, it is not that the AI ​​of drivatars is an omnipotent force that cannot be overcome in any way, but the fact that posts with too high a level of difficulty have gained a lot of publicity on forums shows that What?? is up to date. Balance problem ?? Skill ?? drivatarów remains unresolved for the time being.

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