Drive Angry / Su Italia 1 the film with Nicolas Cage and Amber Heard

Drive Angry, a film from Italy 1 directed by Patrick Lussier

Drive Angry animates the second evening of Italia 1 today, Wednesday 5 October 2022, starting at 11.10 pm. An evening that will be dedicated to the action-thriller-fantastic-horror genre and which will entertain viewers with the vision of the film by Patrick Lussier, Canadian screenwriter and director.

The cast of Drive Angry is notable and boasts the presence of Nicolas Cage, Amber Heard, Billy Burke, David Morse and William Fichtner. In 2012 Amber Heard confirms her sentimental bond with actor Johnny Depp. The two met in 2011 during the shooting of the drama-adventure film “The Rum Diary – Chronicles of a passion” which saw them both protagonists. In 2015 Heard and Depp became a husband and wife, the civil ceremony was celebrated at Johnny Depp’s home in Los Angeles. The marriage lasts a little over a year, Amber Heard will ask for a divorce.

Drive Angry, the plot of the film

We read the plot from Drive Angry. John Milton (Nicolas Cage) is a man marked by tragic events and is also a criminal, intent on killing the head of a sect dedicated to Satanism, Jonah King (Billy Burke). He is responsible for the death of her daughter and the kidnapping of her niece, taken by her to offer her as a sacrifice in one of the satanic rites. After investigating among the members of the sect, Milton learns that the rite of sacrifice will take place in the Stillwater penitentiary, Louisiana. John leaves for the United States but his car breaks down and he has to stop in a restaurant where he meets a young waitress, Piper (Amber Heard), who will help him during the journey. As the waitress returns home, her car has engine problems and Milton, who had resumed the journey on foot, offers to fix the car and asks for a ride in exchange. Arriving at the home of her boyfriend Frank (Todd Farmer), Milton gets out of the car, the girl enters the house and finds her boyfriend in the company of another woman. A fight ensues between the two and Piper ends up on the ground. Milton enters the house, lashes out at Frank and runs to Piper’s aid.

In Frank’s car, Milton and Piper drive off. Meanwhile, an agent of Satan nicknamed the “Accountant” (William Fichtner) lands on planet Earth to take John back to Hell. As a fake federal agent, he takes advantage of the police to travel to Louisiana and sets off on the trail of Piper and Milton. Meanwhile, the two fugitives meet John’s friend, Webster (David Morse), who helps them continue their journey by giving them a new car. Piper learns that her travel companion had abandoned her daughter to preserve her from the brutality of her ex-friends, which led to Milton’s daughter easily falling into King’s hands. She also learns that Milton’s gun was stolen from Satan and is capable of preventing anyone from reaching both Hell and Heaven.

When the Accountant learns that John wants to take his niece away from the sacrificial rite, he decides to go to his aid to avoid the death of an innocent. After a tough battle with King and his followers, Milton kills the cult leader with his own gun. After leaving his granddaughter in the painful care of Piper and Webster, John returns to Hell from where he had fled and asks the Accountant for special treatment. Milton confirms that he is not happy in that place and declares that sooner or later he will flee again. For his part, the Accountant is impatient to pursue him again on Earth.


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