Drown from Bring Me the Horizon performed by Darkness Is My Canvas

Finnish band Darkness Is My Canvas is set to release their new EP ‘White Noise’ later in 2023 via Inverse Records! The second single from the upcoming EP is called ‘Drone’ and is a song originally recorded by Bring Me the Horizon.

The band comments: “‘Drown’ is a song released by Bring Me the Horizon in 2014 which, according to one interpretation, is about severe depression. Our singer Pete struggled with depression in his teens and thinks that the song is about the depths you can sink into if you don’t have people you can trust. ‘Drown’ has been a powerful song for us in recent years and we wanted to do our own interpretation of it. Darkness Is My Canvas reflects many mental health related themes in the music. Bring Me the Horizon also thematics their lyrics in a way that is universal and relatable from their own perspective. We’ve been listening to ‘Drown’ since its release in 2014 and then incorporated it into their repertoire. In its final version, the song ended up on our EP without hesitation from both us and Inverse Records. ‘Drowning’ can be so important to someone that the atmosphere of the song is radical. -Trunk changes can cause separation. We listen to the different arrangements of ‘Dubs’ made by BMTH and select the parts best suited for our instruments. Panu wanted to add a 90s grunge vibe to the song. Pete’s vocals range from a smooth baritone to a scream. We really liked the end result, we got a strong performance from Pete. Mikko Kakkuriniemi did a great job on drums (which was no surprise), and Panu had a great time playing bass, guitar and singing backing vocals.

Darkness Is My Canvas was founded in 2017 in Helsinki. The band plays melodic rock mixed with progressive elements, influenced by bands such as Muse, Queen, Pink Floyd, Lepraus, and occasionally Porcupine Tree and My Chemical Romance. Their catchy tunes have plenty of musical hooks, and the band likes to surprise audiences by changing tempo and style mid-song, and they do so quite intentionally. DIMC’s imaginative sound stems from the rich melodic playing of Panu’s guitar and Pete’s voice, which some say sounds like a young David Bowie.

All of DIMC’s songs come from the mind and pen of Pete and Panu, who are also the “founding fathers” of the band. He plays all the instruments in the studio except the drums, which are trusted by some of Finland’s best drummers. Mastering is done by Grammy Award winner Nicolas Fournier (LA), who has worked on many recordings for many of the band’s idols (Muse, Linkin Park, Adam Lambert, etc.).

DIMC was formed from the previous bands of multi-instrumentalist Panu and lead singer/guitarist Pete. It was called May:Day and represents a kind of amalgamation between Finnish progressive rock of the 70s and more modern Finnish rock music. If anyone wants to listen to their album “I”, they will be able to find it on the internet, as it has not been officially released. DIMC needed to differentiate themselves from previous bands by changing their language from Finnish to English, and their style became more subtle.


So far, DIMC has released one EP titled “Monster” and one single titled “The Game”. His songs have downloaded quite well on streaming services like Spotify, where the counter hit 20,000 streams in March.

I hope this information will be of interest to you. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

Darkness is my canvas:
Pannu Pantikainen – guitar, vocals
Pete Arcintalo – vocals, guitar
Gabriel Schneider – bass
Juso Grönmark – drums

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