Drunk tourist in the emergency room punches the health worker: reported

GALLIPOLI – He arrives in the emergency room of the Gallipoli hospital in an evident state of drunkenness and throws two punches in the chest and cheekbone of a health worker. For him, a 21-year-old tourist from Catania, the complaint was filed for the crime of violence and injury to a public official and interruption of public service.

This is one of the interventions that in recent days has seen the agents of the State Police engaged. The controls were particularly intense and incisive at the disposal of the Police Commissioner of the province of Lecce and reinforced by staff from other provinces, with the aim of better guaranteeing public order and safety throughout the territory of competence, including some patrolled marinas. from jet skis.

In addition to the young man from Catania, twenty other people were reported on the loose, and among them the majority, for possession of drugs for the purpose of dealing, one for illegal carrying of weapons and carrying objects capable of offending, one for stalking and two per scam.

Three people were arrested including one for illegal possession of weapons and ammunition and detention for the purpose of drug dealing; the other two for theft.

Of particular importance, the Rave Party in Castri di Lecce which began on the morning of August 13 in which over 1000 young people took part and ended yesterday just after the pressure of the police.

During the week, a total of 3674 people were identified and 1054 vehicles checked, nine people reported to the competent authorities for non-therapeutic use of narcotic substances. Numerous checks were also carried out on persons subject to the obligations of the judicial authority.

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