Drutex is expanding the fleet in an interesting and interesting way: Scanie V8, new MANs and Sprinters

The Drutex fleet has for years been distinguished by an interesting cross-section of vehicles. It speaks for itself that until recently classic trailers with turntables and large wheels were dominant there. Now Drutex distinguished itself with engines, unexpectedly opting for eight-cylinder units.

In the first days of this year, the company received 11 Scania 530S tractor units. They are equipped with the famous 16-liter V8 engines, additionally linked to the highest, flat-floor cabins. I must admit that for a large fleet, this configuration is quite surprising, and drivers probably will not complain about such a choice. The sound of the V8 engine still stands out, and it usually goes hand in hand with a few attractive additions (which I explained here).

Although it may turn out that not only Drutex will check this 530 hp, eight-cylinder variant in the near future. When last year there were huge problems with production, the waiting time for the Scana V8 turned out to be incomparably shorter than for the popular six-cylinder variants. All trucks also became so expensive that the famous “Vs” no longer seem extremely expensive.

The discussed Scanie is only a part of the acceptances carried out by Drutex in recent months. In 2021, the company received 21 other Scania, 30 MAN and 20 Mercedes Sprinter. Plans for the next few days include 20 more MANs, this time in a popular configuration, namely the TGX 18.470. The following months are to bring 40 more new trucks.

In total, Drutex’s fleet currently includes over 450 vehicles. They deal with the distribution of company products, i.e. window and door joinery. Almost 80 percent of this production is exported, the entire product is made to individual orders, and the delivery time throughout Europe is always up to seven days. That is why Drutex trucks run with doors and windows across the continent, from Sicily to Scandinavia.

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