Drwala sandwich 2021 is back in the McDonald’s offer. When is the first time? Composition

Sandwich Drwala 2021 has returned to the offer of the McDonald’s chain! As the portal natemat.pl reminded, the popular network has already announced that Drwal’s sandwich returns to its offer on Wednesday, November 24. How much will the set cost with it?

This is great news for fast food lovers. Sandwich Drwala 2021 is now on offer by the McDonald’s chain from November 24. It appears in the menu from time to time. It returns to its regular offer in late autumn or early winter. In 2021, it appeared on November 24. It is worth remembering that the Drwal sandwich has been on offer for 10 years. For the first time, its fans had the opportunity to taste it in 2011 year. How much do you have to pay for the Drwal sandwich set?

The price of the Lumberjack’s Sandwich in 2021 year will depend on the type of burger selected. Last year the classic version of the Drwal sandwich cost PLN 16.90. You had to pay PLN 23-25 ​​for a set with fries and a drink. This year, the price is likely to be higher …

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Drwala sandwich 2021 is back in the McDonald’s offer. What is its composition? How many calories does it have? What about vegetarians?

Let us also remind you that the Drwal sandwich, which returns to the McDonald’s network on November 24, 2021, has several versions. This classic Lumberjack sandwich consists of a roll with pork scratchings, a slice of beef, and melted cheese in breadcrumbs.. And the other four versions?

There is a version for real carnivores a double Lumberjack sandwich, which does not differ in composition from the classic, apart from an additional portion of juicy beef. On the other hand, Drwal’s spicy sandwich contains additionally jalapeño peppers and hot sauce.

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