Dungeons & Dragons: Honor for Thieves and the positive experience of the cast

Michelle Rodriguez and Hugh Grant and the cast spoke about the positive experience on the set of Dungeons & Dragons: Honor among Thievesthe movie of Dungeons and Dragons. During the promotional launch of the film they participated in a series of interviews, in which the protagonists of the fantasy film were able to tell their point of view on the film. Among the various items also those of Michelle Rodriguez And Hugh Grantwho in the film respectively play the barbarian and the thief, who were interviewed by Screen Rant during the San Diego Comic Con and answered some questions.

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor among Thieves e the positive experience of the cast

To say there was little waiting for Dungeons & Dragons: Honor among Thieves is an understatement, the film immediately attracted the attention of the press and fans due to its unsuccessful precedents, the high-budget profile and the cast involved in the operation. For this reason the last SDCC panel was quite expected.

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves, the cast is enthusiastic about the film

In taking part, Rodriguez declared that the audience of the convention who flocked to the launch of the film is one of more demanding I’ve ever dealt with, just because the name Dungeons & Dragons conceals in itself alegacy of over 40 years. It was therefore very important that the production of the film take this element into account.
Speaking of Comic Con, the actress likened the experience to being like that of face a monsterbecause he knew he should undergo the scrutiny and criticism of enthusiasts. Rodriguez then admitted to feeling lucky in having dealt with success this monster because most of the fans welcomed positively both the trailer and the clips shown exclusively during the fair.

The priority was therefore to approach in respectful way Dungeons & Dragons and speaking of this aspect Rodriguez has praised the work done by the directors, John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein, who have proved to be profound connoisseurs of the game. Reading the script, it immediately emerged that the directors they really cared to this project, for the many details and direct references to the original material.

For Hugh Grant the screenplay was amazing, didn’t expect to fall in love with this project, as he considers himself an extremely critical person who never likes anything. For Grant, it was a character and a film a lot fun to work on and for which he experiences only positive sensations.

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