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Dungeons & Dragons

It ended a few hours ago on San Diego Comic-Con 2022 (we’ll tell you soon), the most important event concerning the world of comics, cinema and entertainment throughout the year. A long and interesting list of new productions among which, in particular, stands out Dungeons & Dragons: Honor of Thieves. The new RPG inspired film become a real cultof which the first official trailer was shown.

An event that obviously immediately ended up in the spotlight and which, among other things, also represented the opportunity to chat with the protagonists of the film. Which among various statements and curious anecdotes have given us the opportunity to take a deeper look at this new reebot. A film around which very high expectations have been created, as the latest product of a brand that, over the years, has become a real cult. Between a stellar cast and a storyline that promises to sparkso here’s all we know about it.

Dungeons & Dragons: the new trailer shown at San Diego Comic-Con

The cast of the film

The one shown during the last San Diego Comic-Con, was a trailer that allowed us to have a first taste of the story that we will see in cinemas next March. But which, at the same time, also confirmed the general idea we had about the film. That is, this reebot of Dungeons & Dragonsat least in intent, it is in all respects one of the greatest film productions of recent years. Breathtaking landscapes, special effects, battles to the death. Dungeons & Dragons-Honor of Thieves it undoubtedly has all the elements to become a film that will be remembered over the years.

And, like any self-respecting great production, what John Francis Daley And Jonathan Goldstein, film directors, he put together to star in this film, is a literally stellar cast of actors. A cast led primarily by Hugh Grantwhich thus marks his great return to a film set and which, for the occasion, we will see you take on the role of villain. Those of the evil Forge Fletcher, to be precise. The main and very bad antagonist of the story.

Dungeons & Dragons

But Hugh Grant isn’t the only big name on the list. Together with him, in fact also those of Michelle Rodriguezwhich rose to prominence thanks to her roles within the saga of Fast and Furios, Chris Pine (Star Trek), Sophia Lillis (Stranger Things) and, last but not least, Regé-Jean PageI recently became famous for his performance in the series Bridgerton. A very interesting choice, which will certainly contribute to attracting a good part of the female audience. Justice Smith, Daisy Head, Chloe Coleman, Nicholas Blane, Sophia Eleni, Clayton Grover, Natali Servat and Alexis Rodney then go on to complete the cast.

The words of the actors

And, as anticipated, just San Diego Comic-Con 2022 was the perfect opportunity to bring all the protagonists together of the film, which have thus been able to release some comments and tell some interesting anecdotes. Own Grantfor example, on his first appearance at a Comic-Con, it was protagonist of some nice statements. “I’ve been an enthusiastic Dungeon Master for several years,” the British actor said at one point in the conversation, revealing his passion for the game. ‘It’s a typical English pastime. Almost a national sport ».

But also the director himself John Francis Daleyonce called into question, did not hide his great passion for D&D. “I’ve been an avid D&D player since I was 14,” revealed the 37-year-old American, then concluding his speech with: “Everyone who has played Dungeons & Dragon knows it’s not just a game.” Words that have received wide acceptance, kicking off a wave of applause.

Dungeons & Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons-The honor of thieves: the plot of the film

But what is the story that Daley and Goldstein have decided to bring to theaters? Although the elements currently in our possession are scarce and somewhat vague, what is emerging on the horizon is a sparkling plot that promises not a few twists. And that we got to know better also thanks to the new trailer released at Comic-Con.

Just as shown in the video, in fact, the story will follow the events of an unlikely group of thieves, in search of the infamous Eye of Vecna, an ancient and mysterious magical artifact that is said to contain immeasurable power. Not the usual heroes we are used to seeing, then. But individuals discriminated against, rejected by society. Disbelievers and evildoers who, however, they will unexpectedly find themselves playing a fundamental role in the big game that is about to take place. Because, after all, even thieves have an honor. And this will be their chance to prove it.

Dungeons & Dragons: when the game becomes legend

Be that as it may, regardless of its stellar cast and scale of production, this new reebot is a film that, in any case, is only worth watching because latest product of one of the most famous brands in history, capable of attracting millions of followers worldwide.

Yeah, why when it comes D&D, it is inevitable that the hype of the community will skyrocket. And this is because, as everyone knows, what we are talking about it is not only the most famous and acclaimed RPG ever created, but also the symbol of an entire generation and of a community, the nerdy one, which only now, thanks to a more widespread interest in worlds like that of comics (brought largely precisely by large productions of this type), is taking a partial revenge. A symbol that, over the years, has risen to a real legendmaking millions of kids dream who, for a few hours, have the opportunity to get away from the problems and the reality that surrounds them.

Because we have all, at least once, wanted to feel like the great heroes of the movies and comics we love. Because we all deserve a rematch, an adventure or, nevertheless, a chance to prove our honor. Even if we are outcasts of society or mere thieves.


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