Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt together again to film Netflix

Dwayne ‘The rock’ Johnson and Emily Blunt back together to star in a movie for Netflix. The company announced that both actors will take the role of a couple of superheroes in the tape ‘Ball and Chain’.

The pair of actors wants to conquer the world of streaming media with this project after having worked together on tape ‘Jungle Cruise’ of Disney, which will be released until 2021 because of the contingency of the pandemic Coronavirus.

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‘Ball and Chain’ will be a film based on the comic book of the 90s.

The chemistry between the actors caught the interest of Netflix to recruit them in this ambitious project. ‘Ball and Chain’ is a film based on a comic book of the 90s created by Scott Lobdell, where a marriage receives superpowers from a meteorite, which only work when they are together. This looks like something that would not cause complications, but the couple received these gifts when planning a separation loving. Will it work for your marriage after this?

On this occasion, the Oscar nominee Emily V Gordon -Big sick – will be in charge of adapting the comic book for the project from Netflix.

This project adds to the long list of commitments of the actors. The popularity of both has led them to explore different genres where they have managed to adapt and get good comments from your followers.

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