E-Dorczenia will start in 2022. The electronic delivery system will be implemented for years

The act on electronic deliveries entered into force in October 2021. However, e-deliveries are to be gradually introduced only from 2022. The Chancellery of the Prime Minister presented the schedule for implementing the new system.

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E-Delivery. The system will be fully implemented in 2029

From July 5, 2022, government administration bodies and budget units servicing these bodies, the National Health Fund, ZUS, KRUS, state control and law protection bodies as well as budget units servicing these bodies will start to use e-Delivery, PAP reports. Universities and the Polish Academy of Sciences will switch to the electronic delivery system in 2023. A year later, it will also apply to local government units and their associations, and from 2025 – also to other public entities. On the other hand, courts and tribunals, bailiffs, prosecutors, law enforcement agencies and the prison service will start using e-Delivery on October 1, 2029.

Entrepreneurs registering a new company after July 5, 2022 will automatically receive an e-Delivery address. From October 2022, other previously registered companies will also receive an address, PAP reports. Today, companies can set up a free mailbox on the Entrepreneur’s Account at gov.pl. To do this, you need to apply for an e-Delivery address, and then activate the address and mailbox.

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E-Delivery also for people without internet

“E-Delivery is a registered electronic delivery service. In practice, it is the ability to receive and send correspondence by electronic means, without the need to use a paper version of documents. It is a simple and transparent form of communication between all types of entities, equivalent to sending a registered letter or a personal visit. will be carried out under the National Electronic Delivery System. Thanks to e-Delivery, you will settle the official matter, collect or send data and receive confirmation (evidence), ie confirmation of sending and receiving data “- we read on the government website gov.pl.

It turns out that the system will also include a hybrid service for people who do not want or cannot use e-Delivery. “If for some reason you do not want to or cannot use the electronic form of receiving correspondence, public administration entities will be able to contact you in the traditional way. Thanks to this, you will receive correspondence in paper form, while the office will store it in digital form” – we read.

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