E-mobility against the crisis, Alké and Targa Telematics among the Venetian excellences

There are 9 Venetian excellences in the field of electric mobility, essential for combating the climate crisis and achieving decarbonisation objectives, told by the Symbola Foundation and Enel in the context of the fourth edition of “100 Italian E-Mobility Stories 2023”. In recent years, Italians have seen the progressive growth of charging stations, hybrid and electric cars in circulation, but above all e-bikes and electric scooters that are now part of our urban landscape. A transition that is told through 100 stories of companies, universities, research centers and third sector entities that represent the e-mobility supply chain.

From the great design studies committed to redefining the shapes and styles of the vehicles of the future, to the manufacturers of components called upon to lighten the weight of the vehicles thanks to the use of new materials (such as light alloys, aluminum and titanium instead of steel) up to vehicle manufacturers, even small ones, for the various forms of mobility that have emerged in the meantime, first of all car sharing.

In the Padua area there are four excellences mapped: the Alkè, Fatigroup, Nex and the University of Padua. A focus deserved Alké, based in via Cile in Padua, defined as «one of the world players of electric commercial vehicles, with over 20 years of experience, capable of offering its customers hundreds of configurations and different load capacities». Alke’ vehicles circulate in the Australian National Botanic Gardens in Canberra as well as inside the royal residence of Kensington Palace, in the Chanel logistics center in France and on the island of San Clemente in Venice.

As far as the Brand is concerned, Generali Italia and Targa Telematics with headquarters in via Reginato in Treviso deserve to be included in the special classification. As far as Generali is concerned, the focus reads, «it has created the “Immagina Strade Nuove 100% Electric” solution, the first insurance product designed specifically for customers of electric cars. Made available to motorists starting from 1 April 2022, the policy provides dedicated guarantees for those who drive a green car, such as roadside assistance in the event of a flat battery (with an on-site recharge service or towing to the nearest column ), the possibility of receiving a refund for damage to the charging cable (as could happen, for example, in the event of a fire) and the extension of all legal protections for all disputes concerning any problems connected to the electric car”. For over 20 years, Targa Telematics, an IT company with headquarters in Treviso and offices in France, the UK, Portugal and Spain, has been providing technological solutions for increasingly smart and sustainable mobility. “With Targa4electric”, reads the report, “detailed information is collected to provide feasibility and convenience studies for the electrification of the fleet”.

The other companies from Veneto mentioned in “100 Italian E-Mobility Stories 2023” are Askoll Eva from Vicenza and Midak Batteries and Sovema Group from Verona.

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