Earthquake today 4 October 2022 shocked in Genoa

Another strong earthquake felt in Genoa at 11:41 pm on Tuesday 4 October 2022, of magnitude 3.5, was detected by the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology. Epicenter two kilometers from Davagna and a depth of 8 kilometers according to the data provided by the Ingv seismic room in Rome. The earth shook for a few seconds, preceded by a loud roar, the earthquake was felt throughout the city, in the hinterland and also in the coastal municipalities of the province.

The fire brigade operations center reports hundreds of calls and various checks are underway throughout the territory, at the moment there are no damages and injuries. Sergio Gambino, municipal councilor for Civil Protection confirmed a Genoa Today that no reports of major problems have reached the local police.

Liguria Region is in contact with the Civil Protection and with the mayor who, at the moment, does not report any critical issues or reports of damage. The president Giovanni Toti explained: “I am in constant contact with the operations room of the regional civil protection, the commissioner Giampedrone and we have already heard the mayor of Bargagli, Sergio Casalini: for now there are no criticalities and the 118 does not report emergencies”.

It all started on Thursday 22 September with a shock of magnitude 4.1, with its epicenter in Bargagli at a depth of 10 km. Following a series of aftershocks, all with their epicenter between Bargagli and Davagna.

As the seismologist Stefano Solarino, senior researcher at the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology, underlined in Genoa Today, when a strong shock such as that of Thursday 22 September is felt, in general the law with which subsequent shocks occur is logarithmic (after a magnitude 4 there are 10 magnitude 3, 100 magnitude 2 and so on), even if the style with which it happens is very different and therefore it is difficult to make predictions.

News being updated.

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