Eclipse, Robert Pattinson’s hatred of the Twilight saga

Eclipse is the third film in the saga of Twilight born from the pen of Stephenie Meyer has become a real cult phenomenon. The film, which airs this evening at 21.05 on La 5, continues the story already started in the two previous chapters, Twilight And New Moon.

The twilight saga: Eclipse, the plot

After facing the Volturi and risking her life, Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Edward (Robert Pattinson) return to Forks, where there is no shortage of other challenges to face. The first is Jacob’s insistence (Taylor Lautner), now completely in love with Bella and unable to accept that the girl decides to stay with a vampire. The second, and much more dangerous, is the decision of the vampire Victoria to create a real army of newborn vampires in the nearby city of Seattle in order to take revenge on the Cullens for the death of her beloved James. For this reason Jasper (Jackson Rathbone) decides to train the Cullen family as well as the werewolves of the Quileute clan in order to be ready to face the war that is looming on the horizon. Bella, meanwhile, begins to have doubts about her feelings and her closeness to both Edward and Jacob will end up confusing her more and more.

Robert Pattinson versus Edward Cullen

The saga of Twilight it was as much an editorial phenomenon as a series of films that became iconic to the millions of fans who haven’t missed a single chapter in the haunted and forbidden romance between Edward and Bella. A love so boundless that, of course, it also spilled over the shoulders of the actors who played these modern and adolescent Romeo and Juliet. Kristen Stewart – recently seen as Lady Diana in Spencer – And Robert Pattinson they became idols and their every step, every journey or every statement they made was placed under the microscope by fans who wanted to know everything about them. In this sense, it also “helped” the relationship that the two had and that led them to truly become Edward and Bella in the imagination of passionate fans of the saga. It cannot be said, however, that the actors loved the film that launched their career in the same way.

Robert Pattinson – who with The Lighthouse And The Batman has demonstrated his versatility and the distance that has elapsed since playing a vampire in love – he has repeatedly spoken in less than enthusiastic terms about the character he was called to play. In a video interview given to GQthe actor explained:“I can’t believe the way I acted half the time when I think back.” During the same interview Pattinson talked about why he played Edward Cullen in such a dark, sometimes emo way. “I think it was the only way,” he said, and then continued: “I think even if I had made it more light-hearted, the way I would have done it, it would have looked so wrong that I would have looked like a real psycho.”

In an interview reported by Standardmade for the series Variety Actors on Actors, Robert Pattinson spoke of Twilight as of a strange series. In fact, he asserted: “Twilight is a weird story. It’s weird even the enthusiastic way people responded to the movie. I think books are very romantic, but at the same time, it’s not that romance that is in The Pages of Our Lives. . I mean, The Pages of Our Life is sweet, it breaks your heart and so on, but Twilight is about this guy who finds the only girl he wants, but he also wants to eat her. I mean, don’t eat her, but drink her blood. . “ In an interview with OK MagazinePattinson also associated Edward with the figure of a serial killer by asserting that if Edward was not a fictional character “He’d be one of those guys who are probably killers with an ax or something.” When Moviefone asked him if he would become a fan of Twilight if he were not the protagonist, the actor said: “I think I’m a judgmental and cynical person who would have undoubtedly hated Twilight without even seeing it.”

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