Eclipse – what are the study plans?

If rumors are to be believed, Quantic Dream is currently working not only on Star Wars: Eclipse, but also on AAA production, set in a medieval fantasy world. This information comes from the informant about the pseudonym AccountNGT – what else can we learn from him?

The revelations cited here are not confirmed and these are only rumors, although it is worth noting at the beginning that the AccountNGT user can be quite an interesting source of information. A confirmation of this may be the fact that a few days before the official release of the Star Wars: Eclipse trailer, it made its graphics available on the web. Moreover, his account is followed by Geoff Keighley, a famous figure in the gaming industry.

What does AccountNGT know that we don’t know?

According to the post on Twitter, Quantic Dream is currently working on three games, including one production based on The Dark Sorcerer demo from 2013 – its name is said to be “Dreamland”. It is supposed to be more advanced than Star Wars: Eclipse and, despite the darkness of the Middle Ages, have a humorous overtone.

The user also mentions that the game will appear on multiple platforms, including PC. Interestingly, it is supposed to be interactive and have a non-linear story, which may mean that it will be similar to, for example, Detroit: Become Human. If so, you can certainly expect an interesting plot full of choices and far-reaching consequences.

The creators apparently cannot find good programmers, so the game is unlikely to be released in the coming months or even years.

Unless, of course, the above reports are true.


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