Elden Henson: bio, private life and career

Fabric for champions, Hunger Games And Dare devil they have in common really very few thingsbut one of them is Elden Hensonactor class 1977 whose career started shortly after the completion of sixth year of age.

Convinced (light: obliged) from the mom to participate in hearings for the TVthe interpreter then found himself in the trilogy started by Stephen Herek and he never wanted to leave the world of cinemaeven coming to collaborate with Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The list of films he participated in can be unsettling: it goes from Cast away to Dumber & dumber in very few lines. Actually, we wanted to draw it precisely for this reason: because inside there is some genius it deserves to be rediscovery.

Biography of Elden Henson: adolescence before the films

Elden Hensonpseudonym of Elden Ryan Ratliffwas born on August 30, 1977 to Rockville, Marylandfrom Sayde Henson (photographer and educator) e George Ratliff (a stage actor in New York). In addition to them, the family consists of two brothers: Garetteappeared in Fabric for championsAnd Erickwho with Elden shared the set of Elvis & Me.

Although his father is an actor, he is actually there mother to do pressure on the children to set them on the road to acting: it will be you, in fact, who will subscribe to the hearings for some commercial spots while the three grow up to Burbankin California.

Here, Henson and the brothers attend the John Burroughs High School; he then enrolls in theEmerson College.

biography of elden henson

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Elden Henson’s career

As mentioned, theElden Henson’s business in the world of acting starts very early: his first professional collaboration and how template for the children’s division of the Fords Models. Elden joins the agency when he’s alone six years and, immediately, he was involved in the realization of advertisingbut also of Television programs and of movie such as Elvis & Me And Turner & Hoochboth at the end the eighties.

Between 1992 and the 1996the young actor is engaged in trilogy from Fabric for champions composed of the first film directed by Stephen Herek which are also followed Little great heroes from Sam Weisman And Duck – An all-ice team from Robert Lieberman. Subsequently, the actor declares that he owes a lot to these first interpretations which, in fact, open the way to him roles still not as a protagonistbut more structured.

Henson appears in fact in Just look at the sky with Sharon Stonein Young devils with Jessica Albain Kiss me directed by Robert Iscove and in Cast away for a small part in the company of Tom Hanks and Helen Hunt.

The early 2000s by Elden Henson

With the arrival of the new one MillenniumElden Henson gets hired in more and more films, thus increasing the accumulated time in front of the camera. It is, for example, in Dumb & Dumber – It started like this … to interpret Turkbut also in The Butterfly Effect from Eric Bress And J. Mackye Gruber together with Ashton Kutcher in the role of Lenny Kagan.

During this period, he then decides to found his own production company cinematic call Roulette Entertainment together with fellow actor Josh Hartnett. In the last part of the first decade of the 2000s, then, it appears in Lord of Dogtown and in Déjà Vu – Race against time from Tony Scottin which he acts together with Denzel Washington in the role of Gunnars. Its also a role in the television series Smith aired on the CBS.

the ten years between hunger games and daredevil

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The Ten Years between the Hunger Games and Daredevil

In new decadeElden Henson is immediately committed to the character of Andy HertzfeldL’engineer from the Apple Computer interpreted in biopic Jobs of the 2013. His is also announced during the same year participation in The Hunger Games: The Girl on Fire for the parts 1 And 2: Scenes are shot between Atlanta And Berlin until June of 2014.

A few months later, Henson begins acting Foggy Nelsonthe best friend and colleague of the protagonist of the Netflix series Dare devil personified by Charlie Coxconvincing the producers Marvel thanks to an error: during the auditionmade through video callthe actor holds the phone backwards all the while, making his turn out inverted image. She will then return to dress the Foggy cloths also in the miniseries The Defenders and in a cameo in the second seasons of Jessica Jones And Luke Cage.

Private life of Elden Henson

From the point of view sentimentalElden Henson was married for two years with his longtime girlfriend: Kira Sternbach, actress And casting director best known for a role in Neighbors and in NCIS. The two are convoluted to wedding the April 30, 2014: a few months after the wedding, however, the differences they started to get more and more bitter, so much so that they first convinced them to live separately and then to formalize the break asking for the divorce. However, a child was born from the couple: Dodger.

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