Elections 2022, Orban: “Angry peoples change pro-sanction governments”. Kremlin: “Welcome the constructive parties”

The Italian vote sparked worried comments and analyzes from international leaders and media, which underline the risks on the profile of human rights and respect for European values. But there are also those who rejoice for the right of Giorgia Meloni. Despite Viktor Orban in Hungary has already expressed himself, today the leader of Fidesz returns to the office on the outcome of the polls to take sides against the sanctions of theEurope at the Russia “Imposed by the elites of Brussels“. “There Russia it earned 158 billion in revenue, half of which, 85 billion, was paid by EU countries ”, he attacked premier, underlining how the weapon of sanctions has turned against the Europeans. “No wonder some Member states the angry people are changing the governments that supported the sanctions“, He declared, greeting with a” Come on guys! ” the result of Giorgia Meloni. Orbán also sent “letters” to MelonsSalvini and Berlusconi in which “he congratulates them on the election results“And explains to look forward to” our future collaboration to preserve peace in our countries and in Europe, to restart the European economy and to alleviate the energy crisis“.

To the chorus of congratulations on Brothers of Italy They merge Russia And Brazil. In a staid and hopeful way, the Kremlin: “We are ready to welcome any political force capable of showing itself more constructive in its relations with the Russia“Said the Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov while the son of the Brazilian president, Edward Bolsonarocomments: “Congratulations to Giorgia Melons, who will be the first woman to govern Italy, but you will hear from the media that ‘far-right fascism’ has won. As the Brazil, now Italy is God, homeland and family ”. The address of is also included in the message on the microblogging site Santiago Abascalpresident of the Spanish far-right force Vox.

Congratulations to Meloni also from the Czech premier Petr Vialwhich militates in Europe Conservatives and Reformists, such as Fdi. There Czech Republic, until December, will be president of the EU. “Congratulations to Giorgia Melons for his victory in the Italian elections! I look forward to future collaboration on European politics and in the Ecr group ”.

He also joins the choir Marine Le Penthe leader of the National Rassemblement: “The Italian people have decided to take back their destiny by electing a patriotic and sovereign government. Well done Giorgia Melons And Matteo Salvinifor resisting the threats of one European Union anti-democratic and arrogant ”. Le Pen he also asked the French to join his party by tonight, in view of the congress on 5 November. “At a time when all of Europe wakes up – he says in a video attached to his Twitter profile – after the PolandHungary, the Sweden and this night ItalyI invite you to become members of the Rassemblement National “.

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