Elections 2022, the latest news | Giorgetti: «Salvini is a natural candidate for the Interior Ministry». Draghi and the PNRR: “It is the plan of the whole of Italy to collaborate”

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Live news on the political day and the formation of the new government

• Wrong counts, Bossi (re) elected. But repechage is chaos throughout Italy. Fished out or excluded: that’s who they are.
• From the Interior Ministry to the Economy, impasse on ministers. Meloni: “An authoritative team”
• Totoministri, same weight for Lega and Forza Italia.
• All results by party, region, college: the map of Italy.
• Uninominal Chamber / Senate. Plurinominal Chamber / Senate: who are all the new elected members.

7:37 pm – Sala: “Sad that Salvini is creating problems for Meloni”

“As a man of the left to think that Salvini creates problems for Meloni is sad”: said the mayor of Milan Beppe Sala speaking at the presentation of the book “The chains of the right” by Claudio Cerasa, published by Rizzoli. As for Meloni and Salvini, «I believe that the debate with Salvini will cause you more than one concern, let’s see if the League will put high-level people in the Council of Ministers, far from the low party kitchen, or people who are very loyal to Salvini. I have a strong curiosity, for our good, on how the government will be formed ». Recalling the victory of the right in the elections, Sala noted that “they did their part, we missed us”. Sala then explained that in Italy 50% of voters are conservative, so “the problem is the proposal and the face that sticks to us”. And on the center-left front, “we must reformulate a proposal that is hard to come up with”.

6:52 pm – Telephone conversation between Giorgia Meloni and Volodymyr Zelensky

“Zelensky congratulated Meloni on the victory of the Brothers of Italy in the political elections and said he was certain he could count on a fruitful collaboration with the next Italian government. Zelensky also thanked for Italy’s support also with regard to the new decree on the dispatch of weapons just examined by Copasir and expressed the hope that Meloni will be able to go to Kiev as soon as possible. Meloni, for his part, thanked Zelensky for the congratulations, recalled the closeness that the Brothers of Italy and the European Conservatives have shown towards Kiev since the first day of the war, confirmed his full support for the cause of people’s freedom Ukrainian, reiterated that the declaration of annexation of four Ukrainian regions by the Russian Federation has no legal and political value and stressed its commitment to every diplomatic effort useful for ending the conflict ”. This was communicated in a note by the Brothers of Italy.

17:49 – Salvini: “Ready for a political government that will work for 5 years”

We are “ready for a center-right government finally chosen by the Italians, a political government that will work for 5 years without quarrels and quarrels as the left would like”. Matteo Salvini says this in a video released at the end of the federal council.

17:35 – Government, Giorgetti: “Salvini is a natural candidate for the Viminale”

Have you delivered a list of ministers to Meloni? “No, no, there is a list of ministries that are interesting for the League, but we haven’t talked about names.” Giancarlo Giorgetti said this to Fanpage.it and Fattoquotidiano.it, at the end of the League’s federal council. Is the name for the Interior Ministry Salvini? “He seems to me a natural candidate,” replied Giorgetti.

17:24 – Draghi: “Ensuring growth and careful management of resources”

“We must ensure citizens and businesses a robust network of economic and social protection, together with serious development prospects. We need assistance, but above all work and growth. And there is a need for careful management of resources, which rejects the attempts of organized crime to steal public money as has happened too often in the past ». Prime Minister Mario Draghi said this to the national anti-mafia directorate.

5:07 pm – Draghi: “Pnrr is the plan for all of Italy, policy to collaborate”

«The PNRR is not the plan of a government, but of the whole of Italy, and it needs the commitment of everyone to ensure its success within the time frame and with the expected objectives. Italian politics can achieve great results when it collaborates – between political forces of different colors, between the central government and local authorities ». Prime Minister Mario Draghi said this to the national anti-mafia and anti-terrorism directorate.

17:04 – Lega: «Full mandate to Salvini; clear ideas about government ”

The federal council of the League has confirmed Matteo Salvini full mandate to continue the work with the allies to give Italy a political government that lives up to expectations. It can be read in the final note that unanimously approved the party’s priorities: stop the expensive bills, extension and strengthening of the flat tax, safety in the cities, green light for construction sites, cut of bureaucracy, enhancement of sectors such as agriculture, fishing and tourism. Salvini recalled that the Lega has women and men of value and confirmed that he had “clear ideas” on what to do and on the team to bring to the government.

16:28 – The League focuses on the ministries of the Interior and Agriculture

The Federal Council of the League ended after two hours. There was a long discussion on issues dear to Matteo Salvini’s party and therefore to the ministries he would aim for. Among these are the Interior and Agriculture.

15:46 – Lega: “Forward against expensive bills, flat tax, Quota41”

“Full speed ahead on the extension of the flat tax up to 100 thousand euros in turnover and overcoming the Fornero law thanks to Quota41 to give opportunities to young people”: this is the gist – informs the League – of the arguments of many members of the federal council, in progress in Rome, which identify other priorities in the revision of citizenship income, in the cutting of bureaucracy and in the unblocking of construction sites. The first emergency to be addressed and resolved is that of bills and expensive energy, with an important intervention that the League has been calling for for some time, pending action, if ever there will be, at European level.

14:58 – Melons: “We work for immediate measures against expensive life”

Giorgia Meloni, to the microphones of Out of the core, replies to a video message from a farmer who claims to work to pay for what is consumed and that the bills situation is now unsustainable. “We are only working on this now, mostly on this. If even these measures, on which in the end I am on average less pessimistic today, arrive, they would have an impact on the bills in a few months, let’s say three months. Instead, we need to understand how to face these three months, which is instead the subject on which we are primarily working now ».

2:50 pm – Meloni-Cingolani meeting in the Chamber

The Minister for Ecological Transition, Roberto Cingolani, arrived in the Chamber to meet the leader of FdI, Giorgia Meloni.

14:25 – Calenda on dear-bills, we need an immediate meeting with all parties

On the bills, «for the first time we risk, besides the economic disaster, a social revolt. For this I had asked for a time out of the electoral campaign. This is why I repeat that Giorgia Meloni must reassure the League’s crazy promises to be able to put all the money there “, writes on Twitter the leader of the Third Pole, Carlo Calenda, who adds:” My impression is that we cannot wait for the establishment of the new government. Failed attempts in the EU (for now) we have to repay part of the bills received and set a ceiling on the price of energy. I am going to ask all parties for an immediate meeting on the subject ».

13:30 – Energy, Meloni: “We will support any action against speculation”

«The energy crisis is a European issue and as such must be addressed. Brothers of Italy and the European Conservatives have always argued that the real task of the European Union should be to manage the great continental challenges that are difficult to face by individual member states. Actions by individual states aimed at exploiting their strengths risk interfering in the competitiveness of companies and creating distortions in the single European market. We will support in Europe every action aimed at combating speculative phenomena and unjustified increases in the cost of energy and we will support every shared initiative of concrete help to families and businesses ”. So on Facebook the leader of the Brothers of Italy, Giorgia Meloni.

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