Elections: Berlusconi, I will run for the Senate. Calenda, with Renzi on fundamental issues, agreement reached – Politics

I think I’ll run for the Senateso we will all be happy, after having received pressure from many, even outside Forza Italia. “This was announced by the President of Forza Italia, Silvio Berlusconi, on” Radio Anch’io “on Rai Radio 1.

“I am not interested in the struggle over leadership, the names I am not very passionate about. I am more interested in what to do, the battle against fiscal oppression, against judicial oppression”.

Salvini: ‘If Meloni takes one more vote’ he will be prime minister ‘

A meeting with Matteo Renzi “is not set, we have seen each other in the last few days, now the staff are moving forward to work but we are in touch. On the basic issues, however, agreement is reached and now we are discussing other relevant things. “Action leader Carlo Calenda told Omnibus on La7.

The poll that would give Iv-Action at 4% “doesn’t bother me. The 4% is given to us by the pollster of the Democratic Party and Più Europa … I saw him in action at the administrative offices … At this moment the serious pollsters are not detecting why people are at the seaside “. The leader of Carlo Calenda action at Omnibus on La7 contesting some opinion polls yesterday, however, underlining that “others give us 6%, 15%, 75% … Then September 25 will arrive and if the Italians vote, they will vote. Otherwise it’s another story “.

M5s, Di Battista: ‘Forced to leave, they prevented me from making head’

Alessandro Di Battista meanwhile in a video on social media: “I don’t think there are the conditions for my candidacy in the next political elections”. She explains that she had heard Giuseppe Conte and “also speaking with him”, having “understood that there are many members of the current M5s who do not want me, from Grillo passing through Fico”. The former 5s also talks about some interviews: “The kindest were ‘if he comes back you have to align’ and the least were ‘we don’t need him because he’s a destroyer like Attila”, “when perhaps the consensus loggers were others “. Su Conte says: “He was very sincere”, “he is a gentleman”.

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