Elections: Di Maio: ‘Calenda is breaking up the coalition’ – Politics

“After starting from the ‘big center’, Calenda became a ‘wingman’ of the center-left coalition. As a result, I understand his difficulties in explaining, even to the newcomers of his party and his electorate, that he is eventually running for the center-left. extremist of all “. Luigi Di Maio, political head of Civic Commitment, writes it. “With this attitude he is only disrupting the coalition before it even forms. Obviously Calenda can do what he wants, but with less arrogance and more respect. “

“Dario, volemose subcontracting does not work well with us. You signed a pact. NATO, regasification plants, budget balance, RDC review, Draghi’s agenda. On the other hand there is a statement by the minute against all of this. Clarify. You decide. Point “. Carlo Calenda, Secretary of Action writes on Twitter, responding to the Minister of Culture, Dario Franceschini.” The interest of the parties counts for nothing. It is important to give the country a serious government perspective. These were the pacts “, adds Calenda.