Elections, live coverage – The center-right launches the government program: what’s inside. Action-Renziani agreement, Calenda will be the leader

Center-right program in 15 points: “Serious and achievable”

“A program that is divided into 15 points, serious and achievable, centered on the protection of the national interest and the homeland, on economic growth and on the defense of the purchasing power of families”. This was stated in a joint note by the center-right leaders, who approved the electoral program.

The points of the center-right: “Euro-Atlantic alliance, flat tax, quota 41, autonomy and presidentialism”

“Our values ​​and our position in Europe, in the Atlantic Alliance and in the West, the need for a profound tax reform with the flat tax, the overcoming of the Fornero law with Quota 41, of the security decrees, of regional autonomy are reaffirmed. and presidentialism and all the other elements that are indispensable for facing Italy’s problems and finally giving way to a relaunch that can no longer be postponed ”. It is the synthesis of the government program in a joint note of the center-right parties.

Center-right program: “Full adhesion to European integration”

“Full adhesion to the European integration process, with the prospect of a more political and less bureaucratic European Union”. It is the passage dedicated to the EU in the center-right government program.

Center-right program: “Direct election of the head of state”

Direct election of the President of the Republic “and” implement the process already started for the recognition of Autonomies pursuant to art. 116, paragraph 3 of the Constitution, guaranteeing all the equalization mechanisms provided for by art. 119 of the Constitution “. The center-right thinks of these two reforms, and puts it in black and white in the electoral program, in the chapter “Institutional, justice and public administration reforms according to the Constitution”, the third point of the text that will be presented tomorrow at the Interior Ministry.

Schlein nominated as an independent candidate in the Democratic Party

“Thanks to Letta for the proposal to run as an independent on the list”. Thus the vice president of Emilia Romagna, Elly Schlein, on the occasion of the presentation in Rome of the symbol of the ‘Democrats and Progressives’ list that unites Pd, Article One, Psi and Demos.

Center-right program: “Flat tax extended for VAT numbers up to 100 thousand euros”

“Extension of the flat tax for VAT numbers up to € 100,000 in turnover, flat tax on an increase in income compared to previous years, with the prospect of further expansion for families and businesses “. It is one of the points of the chapter ‘For a fair tax, which the center-right presents in its electoral program. There is also the request for “fiscal peace and ‘balance and excerpted”, with the agreement between citizens and the tax authorities for the resolution of the previous one “.
The no to assets and the request to reduce taxes for Italians remain black and white (“Reduction of the tax burden for families, businesses and self-employed workers” and “no to declared or masked assets).

Center-right program: the Bridge over the Strait is back

In the infrastructure chapter of the center-right government program, the construction of the Bridge over the Strait returns for the umpteenth time.

Center-right program: “Full use of NRP resources and review of the plan with the EU”

“Full use of NRP resources, bridging the current implementation delays” and also “the agreement with the European Commission, as required by European Regulations, for the revision of the NRP according to changed conditions, needs and priorities”. It is one of the points of the center-right coalition’s government program, approved today.

Letta presents the school program: “We will invest ten billion”

“We invest 10 billion euros in schools over 5 years. He seems revolutionary but if the left does not do it, who does it? Here I anticipate 8 points of our program ”. The secretary of the Democratic Party Enrico Letta writes on Twitter. Among the proposals is the free transport and textbooks: “Traveling from home to school can become a considerable cost for families, especially with inflation that erodes so many savings. We want to guarantee full free local public transport and school books for low- and middle-income families (according to the ISEE) ”. Then the investment in women. “Today, studies in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics are almost exclusively the prerogative of men. We want to modify the orientation process in STEM subjects so as to encourage girls to choose these addresses which are in great demand on the job market ”. And the increase of support teachers: “We will guarantee the increase of tenured support teachers to support all people with disabilities in the school path”.

Barbuto Unione Ciechi runs with the Lega, the entrepreneur Zoppas and the conductor Venezi with Fdi

Mario Barbuto, president of the Italian Union of the Blind and Visually Impaired, will be a candidate for the League in the political elections on 25 September. It is one of the few names that the League has leaked, pending the delivery of the lists, expected by the end of next week. In the center-right the candidacies are continuously updated, but some names, such as that of the journalist Maria Giovanna Maglie they now seem certain. For her a place in Lazio, in the uninominal.

Also in Lazio, the passage of the force player Antonio Angelucci in the Salvinian lists certainly seems. If in the north the men of the Lega and the Brothers of Italy will prevail (among the Salvinians Luca Toccalini coordinator of young people and the head of local authorities Stefano Locatelli; for Fdi the entrepreneur from Veneto Matteo Zoppasformer president of Confindustria Veneto and that of Beatrice Veneziconductor, and Letizia Giorgianni, former representative of the victims of Banca Etruria.

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