Elections, the composition of the new parliament

The center-right won the elections and Giorgia Meloni’s Fratelli d’Italia is the most voted party in Italy. The majority of the seats in the Chamber of Deputies and in the Senate therefore goes to the coalition of Fratelli d’Italia, Lega, Forza Italia and Noi Moderati: the total number of seats assigned to parties based on the victory of individual candidates in the single-member constituencies sees Fratelli d ‘ Italy with 118 deputies and 66 senators, Lega with 65 deputies and 29 senators, the Pd 65 deputies and 37 senators, while the 5-star Movement 51 deputies and 28 senators. Forza Italia elects 45 deputies and 18 senators. Action and Italia Viva 21 deputies and 9 senators. 12 deputies and 4 senators go to the Greens and the Italian Left. We Moderates elect 7 deputies and 2 senators to single-member seats, but having failed to pass the threshold, they do not obtain proportional seats. + Europe elects only two deputies, Ricardo Magi and Benedetto della Vedova who won in the single-member constituencies: in fact, Emma Bonino’s party has not reached the 3 percent barrier necessary for the allocation of seats. Cateno De Luca’s party instead gets two seats in Sicily. Civic commitment gets a seat with Bruno Tabacci’s victory in Milan. Finally, three deputies and two senators belong to linguistic minorities.

The new composition of the Chamber and Senate

The new Chamber of Deputies will be characterized by the majority of the Center-right, with 235 seats out of 400. In the end, the coalition of Meloni, Salvini and Berlusconi was unable to reach two thirds of the seats necessary for the constitutional changes. The center-left will have 79 seats, while Movimento 5 Stelle and Action / Italia Viva respectively 51 and 21.

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In the Senate, on the other hand, the center-right will be able to count on 115 seats out of 200. The center-left stops at 41 (with + Europe excluded), while the 5 Star Movement will have 28 seats. Action and Italy alive instead will have 9 seats.

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