Elections, Youtrend the third pole is not decisive in single-member constituencies – Politics

The center alliance between Action and Italia Viva may not change much the electoral results in the single-member constituencies in the aftermath of the vote, according to polls. And it could shift the balance even more to the advantage of the center-right. This is what emerges from the survey carried out by YouTrend, in collaboration with Cattaneo Zanetto & Co., the first that takes into account the newborn third pole.

According to the study, there are 14 colleges in the Chamber where today the advantage of the center-right over the center-left is less than the percentage of which the third pole is accredited: are concentrated mainly in large cities (Rome, Milan, Turin and Genoa) and in Tuscany. In these colleges, the split between the center-left and the Calenda-Renzi ticket would bring water to the mill of Meloni, Salvini and Berlusconi, thus subtracting votes from the center-left and creating an even greater gap between the two coalitions.

In the Senatewhere the single-member colleges are larger, there are only 5 colleges where the third pole would be decisive in favor of the center-right: in Rome, Tuscany and Romagna.The so-called ‘third Pole’ formed by Action by Carlo Calenda and Italia Viva by Matteo Renzi could change the balance of many single-member colleges “. This is supported by the new simulation on single-member colleges of the Rosatellum published today by YouTrend in collaboration with Cattaneo Zanetto & Co .., according to which this alliance “brings very interesting news on the possible outcome of the elections on 25 September”.