Electric Parking brake do we have to be afraid of it?

Motorization is gradually moving forward and this momentum is unlikely to be stopped by anything, but there are some solutions that are controversial today, interestingly one of them is the parking brake. We can find supporters and opponents of its electric version.

Replacing mechanical solutions with electronic equivalents is a trend that has been going on for at least 20 years, and there are many indications that it will continue. Replacing the mechanical power steering with an electric power steering, analog knobs and buttons with displays are the simplest examples. The parking brake has also changed and is increasingly only electric.

The standard handbrake is a relic of the front era?

Probably most drivers on Polish roads remember the standard handbrake operated with lines and a lever that had to be lifted to lock the brake. A very simple solution posed little problems. The handbrake cables could get stuck and make it impossible to release the brake. Of course, in some cases they broke off.

At the beginning of the twenty-first century, car manufacturers, especially those of the premium class, began to move away from the use of the standard handbrake. It was replaced by the electronic Parking brake, mainly for aesthetic reasons, because the lever located on the central panel spoils the harmony of the interior a bit and limits its minimalism and functionality. That is why it was decided to replace the popular lever with something like a button.

This discreet solution is now basically standard on most mid-range cars, a must for premium vehicles, and more and more often an optional equipment for A and B segment cars.

The Electric Parking Brake is a habit to win

Human nature is very simple as most of us get used to solutions quickly that require little attention. That is why we quickly adapted to touch screens, which were initially considered something tragic, voice commands and broadly understood electrification, because it is convenient.

Automatic Transmission

Not having to remember to apply and release the parking brake each time makes using the electric parking brake something almost natural for new drivers and very intuitive for road users with more experience. It will probably supersede the standard handbrake completely, because our nature likes solutions that are easy, pleasant and durable, and the longevity of the electric parking brake is basically certain, of course, the costs of repairing it are higher, however, it is a price of convenience.

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