Electricity and gas bills, new increases from October 1st. And in 2023, the bill is increasingly high for families and businesses

Bills skyrocket and the mad rush doesn’t seem willing to stop. In view of new increases for electricity and gas: the Arera, the energy authority, will redo the accounts and at the end of the month will announce the adjustment for the bills. This in a situation already complicated by a new government only indicated by the polls and a government in office but only for current affairs. It will also patronize the new method for calculating gas tariffs which will change from quarterly to monthly and will change the reference market. Hypothesis opposed by many consumer acronyms starting with Assoutenti and Codacons.

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Assoutenti: every Italian family finds itself paying 1,231 euros more than in 2020

The further increases would be added to the very heavy ones already arrived in the bill: Assoutenti, for example, estimated that every Italian family finds itself paying 1,231 euros more than in 2020 only for electricity and gas bills (in the first 9 months of the year , therefore without the new adjustment), with energy expenditure increasing overall by + 92.7% in the two-year period 2021-2022.

In 2022, due to the increase in tariffs and despite the measures adopted by the Government, total expenditure on energy will therefore rise to 2,558 euros per household (1,516 euros for gas, 1,042 euros for electricity). And the association’s forecasts for 2023 are anything but optimistic: “Analysts announce tensions on energy prices that will continue into the new year – says the president Furio Truzzi – Considering the current strong rise in prices of electricity and gas, in the absence of a national or European freeze on tariffs and effective countermeasures, in 2023 the bill for energy supplies could reach 5,266 euros per family: 3,052 euros for the gas bill, 2,214 euros for that of light, with an increase in energy expenditure of + 300% compared to 2020 ».

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