Electricity bill, from TV to washing machine and fridge: how much do appliances ‘weigh’

How much do TV, refrigerator and dishwasher weigh in your electricity bill? What are the appliances that contribute the most to running the counter? Facile.it, with the collaboration of mUp Research and Norstat, calculated the impact of the appliances on the bill, taking into consideration the consumption indicated in the energy labels of the devices and the energy price applied in 2022 in the protected market for a typical family .

There washing machine is on the top step of the podium among the preferences of the Italians. 62.7% of respondents cannot do without the household appliance. From the point of view of consumption, considering a class A washing machine purchased in 2020, the annual cost in the bill is equal to 91 euros. In second place is the refrigerator, which wins 61.7% of preferences. From the point of view of consumption, according to the analysis, this appliance represents one of the most energy-intensive devices, considering that it remains in operation 24 hours a day; a 350-liter refrigerator with integrated freezer, in class A, bought more than two years ago, costs 142 euros a year in the bill.

The television it is a ‘must’ for 40% of respondents; the percentage grows among the over 65, where it reaches 55%, while it drops to 23% among the respondents aged between 18 and 24 years. From the point of view of consumption, assuming a daily use of 4 hours, a 40-inch LCD TV costs 35 euros a year.

Fourth and fifth places are occupied by two appliances that often ‘travel’ in pairs in Italian kitchens: the oven and dishwasher. The first was indicated as indispensable by 19% of the respondents, while the second by 14.6%. Considering to use each of them once every two days, the cost in the bill for a 70-liter electric oven is 62 euros, while for a dishwasher it is 88 euros.

Continuing to scroll through the ranking of the most loved household appliances by Italians, we find thevacuum cleaner (11.5%). Leaving a whisker behind, in the lower positions of the ranking, we find the coffee machine (9.7%), the air conditioning (9.4%) and the microwave oven (7.4%); last position for the iron (7%). Among these appliances, the special supervised from the point of view of consumption is the air conditioner which, according to Facile.it estimates, can represent up to 232 euros in the bill.

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