Electricity bills: here’s how to save

Gas bills are the ones to have had the most important increases, but electricity bills have also proved particularly high. Are there any ways to save on electricity bills? Let’s find out together in the following article.

The energy crisis that the whole of Europe is going through is worrying and not a little, to the point that the President of the EU Commission Ursula Von der Leyen has exposed itself in the first person hoping for a decrease in consumption. This choice was made to prevent energy stocks from being rationed in the coming months: this would be a severe blow to the European economies.

We see 10 simple tricks that allow you to decrease the price of bills and energy consumption.

Energy bills: here are 10 tricks to consume less


  1. Turn off the lights and all electronic devices when I’m not being used. Even when they are kept on standby, they consume precious energy and increase the costs in the bill;
  2. Use the low consumption light bulbs energy is a great way to save;
  3. Buy only appliances with high energy classespecially for those like the refrigerator that must always remain on;
  4. Always keep closed doors and windowsespecially in the cold months, as this avoids overcooling the environment;
  5. Making the most of natural light is a very effective free method;
  6. Taking a shower instead of a hot bath is highly recommended, as the amount of water used is less;
  7. Managing the refrigerator is very important: avoiding overloading it in particular will save on the bill at the end of the month;
  8. Making washing machines and dishwashers intelligently and efficientlyavoiding wasting washes for a few items or a few dishes;
  9. Another highly expensive appliance is the conditioner: limiting its use is essential to avoid spending too much on the bill;
  10. Two other tools not very suitable for saving are the oven and the iron: using them will increase the price of the bill.

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