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The discussion on the Polish power system has been going on for years. There is talk of the need for its transformation, but political decisions have been made quite slowly so far. However, the perception of the problem has been changed by new ideas of the European Union, including mainly the Fit for 55 package, which will force a much larger reduction of CO2 emissions by the Member States than was assumed until recently.

Polish power plants on the verge of efficiency

Another problem is the growing demand for electricity. According to the data from Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne, a historic record for energy production in Polish power plants was recorded on Thursday, December 2. At one point, the load exceeded 27.5 GW. The previous record was recorded on February 12 (27 MW). And all this at temperatures around zero degrees Celsius, which is far from the peak of the heating season.

Conventional energy was significantly supported by renewable energy sources. Wind farms produced 3 to 6 GW, and 0.8 GW of photovoltaics. Interestingly, Polish power plants also helped our neighbors. On December 2, they produced as much as 3.2 GW of energy for export at peak demand.

Electricity much more expensive

The high load on the power plants also affected the wholesale energy price. In the quotation on the Polish Power Exchange, the price of MWh even reached PLN 1,407. Sunday promises to be interesting, as some producers have planned a partial reduction of energy due to the planned renovation works.

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