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News for all Italian citizens, over 31 million, in possession of the electronic identity card (Cie). The decree of the Minister of the Interior was published in the Official Gazette, in agreement with the Minister for Technological Innovation and Digital Transition and the Minister of Economy and Finance, which updates the methods for using the electronic identity card. The CIE is therefore equated with the SPID as a digital identity tool. In summary, you will be able to use the electronic card to access more services than before.

Not just Spid

With the adoption of the provision, the contactless microchip electronic identity card becomes a simpler digital tool with which the citizen can even more easily access online services provided by public administrations and private individuals. An update that simplifies the life of those who have not yet activated the Spid. Most of the services, not only those of the PA, will in fact also become accessible through CIE. In the future, the “Enter with CIE” identification system will always be usable. The CIE, it should be remembered, also allows you to sign a digital document through an advanced electronic signature (FEA) both in the context of the Public Administration and between individuals.

What changes

The provision provides for the possibility of using the digital identity con three levels of IT authentication: normal, significant and high, corresponding to levels 1, 2 and 3. Citizens will be able to access services more easily with CieId, based on the level of security required by the service providers. This – assures the Interior Ministry – will allow for considerable simplification as soon as the credentials configuration function is available on the www.cartaidentita.it portal. Through the portal it will be possible to update personal data, view the operations carried out with one’s CieId identity and, subsequently, it will also be possible to express consent or denial to the donation of organs and tissues in the event of death.

Minors and network access

Access to network services by minors will be managed by the CieId Server in order to facilitate the parental control.

The Puk code, the connected email and the mobile phone number

The citizen in possession of the card, who has associated an e-mail address or a mobile telephone number with his digital identity, can also retrieve the appropriate code (PUK) online, without having to go to the counter of the municipality.

Cie, how to request it, costs and validity

The new functionalities of the electronic identity card, whose realization will be entrusted to the Polygraphic Institute and the Mint, are designed to make digital identity a complete and easy to use tool.
The release of the CIE has a fixed cost of 16.79 euros. The cost may be higher in some municipalities which have specific secretarial costs and fixed fees. Many municipalities organize for Open days to book for free. The validity of the electronic identity card varies according to the age of the holder at the time of the request for the document.
The card expires on the first birthday after three years from the date of issue for minors who are less than 3 years of age and after five years from the date of issue for minors between the ages of 3 and 18. For adults, the card, pursuant to Regulation (EU) 2019/1157, has a maximum validity of 10 years, expires after 9 years plus the days between the date of the request and the date of birth. The CIE issued to citizens temporarily unable to issue fingerprints has a validity of 12 months from the date of issue of the document.

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