Elisabetta Socci discovers on the same day that she is pregnant for the first time and that she has a tumor: she dies at 36

On the same day in 2020 Elisabetta Socci, 35, discovered she had a tumor and was pregnant. She, an architect, and her husband, Matteo Grotti, a warehouse worker from Cesena, lives not in San Zaccaria di Ravenna: for some years they have been trying to have children, even with assisted fertilization. Meanwhile, periodically, the professional commuter with Cervia underwent breast checks as many women do following the continuous prevention campaigns of the local Emilia-Romagna health units. A lump pushes the 30-year-old to do a biopsy and the diagnosis is devastating: a malignant tumor. The doctors advise Elisabetta to immediately start chemotherapy treatments and, not knowing from the woman’s repeated unsuccessful attempts to get pregnant, they invite her, as usual, to take a pregnancy test. “Imagine” thought the architect as she collapsed the world on her.

But on the same day Elizabeth and Matthew discover that they will have a son. Can life be upset twice in the same day? How to react to the pain that erases happiness for a child so long pursued.

Courage is the hallmark of this couple who have been thinking about doing what is best for the baby since that day: yes, Elisabetta carries Cecilia in her womb, and her only purpose is to undergo adequate care to bring the pregnancy to term. Her conditions take a back seat to the future she tries to guarantee to her daughter with the help of her husband.

Cecilia was born after eight months of pregnancy, her mother Elisabetta a month later undergoes breast surgery. Nothing to do: the malignant tumor has already hit the liver too. The prognosis, at that point, leaves little hope, but the woman never gives up until last July 31st. Matteo Grotti, 35, and Cecilia, not even a year old, now only alone.

However, Elisabetta’s strength (“Elisa” for her husband) has not gone away: already at the funeral of his wife Matteo decided to continue thinking about others by raising funds for the San Zaccaria kindergarten. And then he wanted to tell the story of his family, of his Elisabetta so that those who find themselves suffering from cancer know that they must continue to fight. Happiness exists and resists even in the face of these situations that at first seem to leave no way out. And little Cecilia as she grows up will discover her strength and love for her that Elisabetta has shown she has.

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