Elon Musk: We’re going to hit nuclear and create an artificial magnetosphere on Mars

Boss SpaceX has very ambitious plans related to the conquest of space. Elon Musk he does not hide that he would like to be as soon as possible turn humanity into an interplanetary civilization. Its most important goal is to create the first colony on Mars. He wants to do this with the help of the most powerful space transport system in the history of mankind, built by SpaceX, called Starship.

Elon Musk reveals his unusual ideas in almost every interview or at astronomy conferences terraforming Marsso that it can become a backup Earth for us in case of some cosmic cataclysmwhich will occur sooner or later. One idea is to create an artificial magnetic field around the Red Planet.

Why is it so important? Because Mars, from a life-giving planet like Earth, has become a barren desert ruled by extreme environmental conditions for biological life. Billions of years ago it was completely different. Then the planet it had a magnetospherejust like the Earth. It protected the surface against cosmic radiation or solar wind and allowed to maintain the atmosphere, which additionally protected against UV radiation.

Unfortunately, unknown to us processes taking place inside the planet, in its core, led to the disappearance of the geomagnetic field and the starvation of the planet. Musek liked the latest concept of astronomers, which was published in the pages of the prestigious journal Acta Astronautica. Its goal is to restore Mars to its former glory. It goes without saying that the concept is very futuristic and hard to implement, but the billionaire is ready to implement this plan with his Starship system.

Astronomers proposed to create an artificial magnetosphere around Mars with the help of artificial ring of charged particles. It sounds unbelievable, but it looks more cosmic to create. Well, scientists suggest using one of the moons of the Red Planet to carry out this process. It is about Phobos, the largest of the moons.

Scientists want to acquire matter from the surface and transport it to the orbit of the Mars moon. Then a plasma torus will form along the orbit of Phobos. The magnetic field will start protect against cosmic weather not only the moon itself, but also Mars. This process will start changing the Red Planet into a second Earth.

Although scientists have not stated how they want to do this, it is no secret that an ejection of matter would be possible with a nuclear impact on the surface of Phobos. This is where Elon Musk will come into the game with his Starships. Sufficiently strong nuclear bombardment of the surface should ionize matter and make Mars gain a magnetic field. Later, the atmosphere will also thicken, and humanity will finally be able to start change Mars into a second Earth.

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