Emily Blunt hides the truth about herself and her husband from her children

Emily Blunt and John Krasinski are one of the most famous and popular couples in the American show business. The sacramental “yes” they said to themselves in 2010, and since then, consistently avoiding being caught up in scandals or dazzling details about their private lives, they seem to remain in a happy and somewhat old-fashioned, by Hollywood standards, relationship. This is the way they raise their two daughters, 7-year-old Hazel and 5-year-old Violet. Blunt told The Sunday Times about her parenting methods, revealing that she and her husband are trying to avoid talking about their star status at home.

“I’ll be delighted if they remain unconscious for as long as possible. But it won’t be that easy. One day Hazel came home and suddenly asked us,” Are you famous? ” we used this word at home. “Well, not really, I don’t think so,” I replied. She must have heard it somewhere. So I asked her if anyone at school told her that, which she confirmed, but she did not want to reveal anything more “- recalls the winner of the Golden Globe.

Blunt emphasized that she and her husband want to give their daughters a normal childhood, away from the celebrity world. “We don’t want them to feel more important, special and privileged than other children” – she noted. When asked if she would like any of her children to follow in her footsteps and try their hand at the acting profession, she shortly replied: “God, no, not that! May they stay away from the stage”.

The most famous joint project of Blunt and Krasinski is the horror film “Silent Place”, in which the couple played the leading roles. It tells about a post-apocalyptic world dominated by monsters sensitive to sound. The plot focuses on a family of four who must communicate with each other without words, living in absolute silence. The film, directed by Krasinski, was an unexpected hit, grossing over $ 340 million worldwide. The second part of the production hit theaters on May 28. In one of the recent interviews, Blunt suggested that the third installment of “A Quiet Place” would most likely be made. “John has some really great ideas that he will want to implement” – the actress announced in an interview with “Collider”.

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