Emily Blunt on plans for a trilogy

Quiet Place 2 finally hits theaters; the promotion continues and the creators and actors give more interviews. Some time ago, there was talk of a potential spin-off of the series, but Emily Blunt suggested that the story of her heroine may live to the third chapter.

In 2018, John Krasinski showed the world a certain niche horror film that debuted at the SXSW festival. Unexpectedly, the picture became a huge hit, grossing over $ 340 million. with only $ 17 million. budget, enjoying a lot of enthusiastic reviews from critics and viewers’ opinions.

Fans of the first film had to wait a long time for the premiere of the sequel, although under normal circumstances they would have watched it over a year ago. But it seems that – it’s hard to believe – the sequel to the blockbuster Emily Blunt in the lead role will finally hit the screens. So far, there are many indications that we are dealing with a successful film: the image is well assessed by Western critics. Do we also like it? We’ll let you know soon.

In late 2020, Deadline mentioned that Paramount Pictures was getting ready to produce another movie, this time a spin-off of the main series. Then we could talk about another cinematic universe. The director is not to be Krasinski (who, however, is the originator), but Jeff Nichols (“The Runner”).

Now Emily Blunt has been interviewed by Collider in which she admits that “Quiet Place 2” may be part of a trilogy.

According to the journalist, the finale of the film prompts questions about the continuation (interestingly, Blunt herself once mentioned that the script sounds like “chapter two”). When he mentioned that Krasinski once mentioned a potential sequel, she replied:

[Krasinski] has a whole host of ideas that can work. I think he just wanted to see how people would react to this movie before fully involving his brain in the “three”. Has some great ideas.

What the actress said clearly has nothing to do with the information about the spin-off, but with a full-fledged continuation of the Abbott stories. It looks like we just have to wait and soon we can hear the official announcement from the studio.

“Silent Place 2” will come to cinemas in Poland on June 4. In the aftermath of the dramatic events that took place in the Abbotts’ home, the family will have to face the world in its present, terrifying and ruthless form.

You can watch the entire interview with the actress here:

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