Emily in Paris 3 promises big changes, and new locations

There is tremendous excitement around the third season from Emily in Paris which, in recent days, has seen the promotion of the character of Alfie (played by Lucien Laviscount), now officially entered the cast of the main characters of the Netflix show.

The more massive presence of Emily Cooper’s new boyfriend will bring quite a few upheavals in Emily in Paris 3, starting from a new location in which some episodes of the show will be set which, in addition to Paris, will also take place in London.

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On the finale of the second season, in fact, the man announces his imminent departure for the UK where, of course, he will receive a visit from the character played by Lily Collins, now more than ever intent on making this relationship work. Indeed, Gabriel (alias Lucas Bravo) and Camille (played by Camille Razat) got back together again, breaking Emily’s dream of starting a relationship with the young chef for the umpteenth time, with whom she had a brief flirtation over the course of Emily in Paris 2.

While he eagerly awaits to find out when we can see the new season, actor William Abadie, who plays entrepreneur Antoine Lambert, has revealed that filming for the new episodes has been scheduled for the month of June.

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“We are completely in pre-production and will have to go to Paris in early June,” he told Us Weekly the actor, who appeared particularly in the mood to tell juicy and interesting backstories about the show in streaming up Netflix. “I also foresee that, with Alfie’s arrival in London, we will spend some time there,” continued Abadie, whose words come after the creator of the TV series Darren Star he had expressed the desire to explore much more deeply the rest of the characters who take part in the show, today remained a bit in the shadows to make room for the adventures of Emily.

“We wanted all the other characters in the series to have more important storylines,” confirmed Lily Collins a Entertainment Weekly. “Mindy (Ashley Park) for example, is shown in the second season as she embarks on her singing career,” the actress teased, hinting that in the new episodes of Emily in Paris the plot will be much more choral and articulated, letting us discover new and interesting curiosities about the lives of MindyCamille, Gabriel and the rest of the characters who made this TV series great, one of the most popular and viewed on Netflix.

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