Emily Ratajkowski, such an illegal thong has never been seen

Emily Ratajkowski in a new series of shots that send admirers into raptures, perfect and statuesque physique: the screaming detail

For several years, she has been one of the most famous, sought after and adored models in the world. She face that she has taken part in countless highly successful advertising campaigns and also appeared in several cinematographic films, always leaving you breathless for her sinuous and unmistakable shapes, Emily Ratajkowski continues to give a show, even on social media.

Emily Ratajkowski (Instagram photo)

Emily Ratajkowski, the supermodel increasingly planetary icon

Born in 1991, the American super model, even in terms of numbers on the web, is clearly one of the icons of female charm of these years. On Instagramnow travels in view of the 30 million followers, a figure that undoubtedly clarifies how much her beauty has entered the collective imagination, always igniting the imagination and passion of her admirers all over the globe with almost no effort. She owes part of her global notoriety to Italy too, with an advertising campaign for a well-known brand of underwear, a decade ago, which helped launch her into the Olympus of supermodels. And with our country she has maintained a special bond, going there on vacation more than once and further sending her fans into a frenzy. We absolutely cannot resist the images that Emily shares on her profile and she gives us yet another proof of them this time too, with a post in which heart attack shots follow one another.

Emily Ratajkowski has her back to us, a heavenly vision: side B that borders on absolute perfection

Emily Ratajkowski, such an illegal thong has never been seen
Emily Ratajkowski (Instagram screen shot)

The costumed visions of his personal line of clothing usually garner applause and not so virtual roars of admiration. This time, Emily really decides to exaggerate, offering a privileged perspective of her statuesque and irrepressible silhouette. The most iconic detail, the one that made her a legend, is that of her A side, but also on the other side, we’re not joking at all. And in fact, we’ve probably never had such a vision of her B-side. We are almost at absolute perfection, with the thong that makes you daydream and teases the imagination like never before. The amount of likes is dizzying, even exceeding one million impressions. Naturally, comments abound from all over the world, to pay homage to the one who represents one of the ideals of beauty, unmistakable and always majestic. Class is not water and it proved it again this time.

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