Emma Stone as Cruella de Mon in the latest adaptation of “101 Dalmatians”

101 Dalmatians book“101 Dalmatians”, Dodie Smith (Da Capo publisher)

Are there any readers of “101 Dalmatians”? Disney is preparing a real treat for them! Already in May this year, the movie “Cruella” will have its premiere on the Disney + platform. It will be the story of Cruelli De Mon, known from the Disney animation (and the book by Dodie Smith): an ominous lady, obsessed with fur made from live animals. The film aims to present the circumstances in which Cruella became a ruthless fashion designer, willing to kill a hundred puppies to make her dreams come true. Director Craig Gillespie (known from the TV series “All Incarnations of Tara”) cast an Oscar-winning American star for Emma Stone as one of the most iconic anti-heroines. She will be partnered by Paul Walter Hauser, Joel Fry, Emily Beecham, Mark Strong, Emma Thompson and, above all, beautiful Dalmatians. How they will appear in a movie camera, we can see in the trailer published by Walt Disney Studios.

Richard Powers's Letter“Foliage”, Richard Powers (WAB publisher)

David Benioff and DB Weiss, creators of the series “Game of Thrones” based on series of books Georg RR Martin join forces again. This time, they took the Pulitzer Prize-winning book “The Overstory” by Richard Powers as a wallpaper. The Australian actor Hugh Jackam, who became the executive producer, will also help them, and, according to journalists of the portal “Deadline”, he is being tried on one of the main roles in the film. The image is to be made for the Netflix streaming network; Benioff and Weiss are already working for the American giant VOD on another screen adaptation of the booknamely over “The problem of three bodies” Cixin Liu.

Richard Powers’s book “Listowieść” has not yet been published in Poland. Its premiere, by the WAB publishing house, is scheduled for March this year.

We, the children of the ZOO book station“We kids from zoo Station”, Christiane Felscherinow, Kai Hermann, Horst Rieck (published by Iskry)

Forty years after the famous filming directed by Ula Edela, to which music was created by David Bowie himself, the children from the Zoo Station are returning to the screens. This time we will go to the famous Berlin Zoologischer Garten station, on February 27, on the HBO GO platform. Philipp Kadelbach became the production director; responsible for the series “Pachnidło”, “SS-GB” and “Pątniczka”.

The series “We, the children of the Zoo station” is a provocative moral story about six teenagers who, looking for their place in the world, live intensively in the very center of Berlin. Christiane, Stella, Babsi, Axel, Michi and Benno meet at underground parties in drug-laden Berlin clubs. They are strong, brave and lead a crazy life in a “paradise” that initially seems to them to be a riot of color, bravado and excitement. The central figure and axis for the whole group is Christiane, whose life has been greatly influenced by the separation of her parents. The girl runs away from home to find herself in an extremely tempting alternative world. The ties between teenagers, tightening over time, make the members of the group search for new thrills in hedonistic ecstasy, experiencing euphoric highs and dark, even dangerous, falls. As their lives and relationships take turns to unfold and disintegrate, their own traumas drag them into a vortex from which not everyone is able to escape.

According to the teaser of the series made available by HBO, the upcoming production will definitely differ in terms of tonality and colors from the heavy and dark film from 1981. Is this a good procedure? We will find out at the end of February.

Wonder Woman comic“Wonder Woman”, Brian Azzarello, Cliff Chiang, Tony Akins (published by Egmont Polska)

About Warner Bros. plans to show its highest-grossing productions immediately on the HBO GO platform, and not in cinemas as before, we wrote earlier. Now we have confirmation of this. Yesterday it was announced that “Wonder Woman 1984” will premiere in Poland on the streaming platform, not in cinemas. This move is surprising because, although in compliance with the sanitary regime and only for half of the seats available in the auditorium, cinemas in Poland were opened in February. However, the multiplexes, which are a natural arena for Hollywood shows, did not resume their operations, which probably caused the decision of Warner Bros. As we can read in the official statement:

The distribution strategy of “Wonder Woman 1984” is specific to 2021 and we are trying to individually adapt it to pandemic conditions in a given country. We made the unique decision to make the movie available to viewers at home while theaters remain closed.

Sherlock Holmes Vol 1Sherlock Holmes. A Study in Scarlet “, Arthur Conan Doyle (Dragon publisher)

The Sherlock Holmes universe is growing! On March 26, another spectacle related to the most famous London detective and his companion, Dr. John Watson, will go to the Netflix network on March 26, after “Enola Holmes”. This time it will be an eight-episode series “Ferajna z Baker Street”. The action of the series takes place in Victorian London, where a group of rebellious teenagers from the streets of the city are involved in solving crimes for Watson and Holmes. When crimes take a paranormal turn and a sinister, dark force appears, it is the members of this gang who will have to join forces to save not only London, but the whole world.

The cast of the series includes Thaddea Graham (“Letter to the King”, “Us”) as Bea; Darci Shaw (“Judy”, “The Bay”) as Jessie; Jojo Macari (“Sex Education,” “Hard Sun. Before the Apocalypse”) as Billy; Mckell David (“Snatch”, “Our Beloved Damilola”) as Spike and Harrison Osterfield (“Catch 22”) as Leopold. Sherlock Holmes will be played this time by Henry Lloyd-Hughes (“Obsession Eve”, “Les Miserables”, “Indian Summers”), and in the role of his faithful assistant, Dr. Watson, we will see Royce Pierreson, known from “Judy” and “Line of duty”.

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