Emma Stone: Cruella like Joker?

Fans of Emma Stone’s acting talent are eagerly awaiting a new production with her participation. We are talking about “Cruella” – a prequel to the cult comedy “101 Dalmatians” from 1996. The film will show the youth of the extravagant fur lover Cruella De Mon, who is one of the darkest characters from Disney’s production. In the original film, an adaptation of the best-selling book Dodie Smith, the character was played by Glenn Close, who won Golden Globe, Saturn and Satellite nominations for her brilliant performance. So Stone faced quite a challenge. Whether the Oscar-winning actress for her performance in the movie “La La Land” will be able to match her famous predecessor, we will find out at the end of May, when “Cruella” will be released in cinemas.

Meanwhile, a production trailer appeared on the web showing Cruella as a punk fan who decides to become a fashion designer. The film aims to explain the heroine’s hatred of furry creatures. The comments about the first preview of the upcoming prequel “101 Dalmatians” are dominated by delight – fans emphasize that the creators made the right choice, casting the star of “Birdman” as the diabolical Cruella.

Some even saw a similarity between the iconic character in Stone’s interpretation and another iconic villain Joker, in which Joaquin Phoenix played in the film of the same title two years ago, winning an Oscar for this role. While the comparison flatters Stone, she admits that she feels a little intimidated by it.

“I wouldn’t dare to compare myself to Joaquin Phoenix even in the slightest. But to tell you the truth, I would like to be more like him,” said the actress modestly in an interview with Total Film. And she added that Cruella’s story differs in many ways from the Joker film story.

Craig Gillespie, the director of the upcoming production, shares a similar opinion. “There is some similarity between the two movies. Cruella, like The Joker, faces difficult experiences that affect who she becomes. But this is a separate story, told in a different way. There is a lot of fun, lots of humor and teasing here. with the viewer, which distinguishes ‘Cruella’ from ‘The Joker’. We wanted to show the dark side of this heroine, but without depriving the film of its humorous tone “- noted the director. The Polish premiere of the painting is scheduled for May 28.

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