Emma Watson Hermione Today: How She’s Changed

Emma Watson Hermione Today: How She's Changed

How has changed today Emma Watson actress who played the role of Hermione in the beloved saga of Harry Potter

Among the most loved protagonists of the Harry Potter saga there is of course Hermione Granger, the boy wizard’s best friend, the brilliant witch played by Emma Watson. She was just 11 years old when the actress, in 2001, she made her debut on the big screen, playing the role of what would become one of the most beloved witches in the entire history of cinema. Emma Watson, at the time, came to audition for the part of Hermione in the Harry Potter saga thanks to her theater teacher, who prompted the then nine-year-old girl to try to take part in auditions for the part of she. An evidently apt choice, because as we well know Emma Watson not only got the part of her, but she has become a real icon in the role of Hermione Granger.

We have seen the growth of Emma Watson in the cinema, from year to year in the role of Harry Potter. From the intelligent and very bright little girl in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone to the young woman in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: the adventure in the world created by JK Rowling lasted ten years, from 2001 to 2011. When it debuted at the cinema, therefore, Emma Watson was 11 years old and when she abandoned the role of Hermione, she was 21: naturally, the actress changed a lot in between. Growing up, Emma Watson has become a true model of beauty, an actress universally appreciated for her elegance. Even as an adult, the actress retained many of the traits she had as a child, from the refinement of her face to her incredible poise. Emma Watson has also gradually changed her look, abandoning her abundant hair for ever shorter cuts, especially after Harry Potter. Already during the various films of the Harry Potter saga we obviously could see these changes, with thick curly hair that gradually became lighter and shorter. For the rest, there are no obvious changes except those due to her growth, certainly every change in the actress of the famous saga has been natural.

As for her cinematographic commitment, after finishing her adventure at Hogwarts, the actress who plays Hermione in Harry Potter has been the star of many other highly successful films. In 2012 we saw her in We are infinite, then a year later Emma Watson is among the protagonists of Sofia Coppola’s Bling Ring. The most famous role of the British actress, after of course that of Hermione Granger, is undoubtedly that of Belle in the live action of the Disney classic Beauty and the Beast in 2017, a much appreciated interpretation, which has given new life to one of the most loved princesses ever. In recent times, then, Emma Watson has definitely slowed down her commitment to Hollywood, moving away after the experience of Little Women in 2019 under the direction of a myth like Greta Gerwig.

Emma Watson today

Today Emma Watson is 32 years old and, as mentioned, she has moved away from the world of cinema a bit. Just recently we saw her with a sensational return to the origins of her, returning to the set of Harry Potter for the twentieth anniversary of the saga with a special that brought together the main protagonists of the 8 films. Beyond these occasions, however, Emma Watson hasn’t been seen on the big screen for a while. Her artistic activity, however, has far from exhausted itself, she has simply taken a different turn from mainstream circles and channels. In fact, Emma Watson today is dedicated to many independent projects and other collateral activities, which have very specific purposes. In recent years, in fact, the actress of Hermione in Harry Potter has stood out for her activism, becoming one of the main ambassadors of the United Nations for issues such as gender equality and women’s rights in the world. In support of this social and political commitment, Emma Watson has also carried out many educational projects, traces of which we can also find on Instagram, taking advantage of her notoriety and her great versatility.

In 2014 Emma Watson was named Goodwill Ambassador of the United Nations of the world and in recent years she has been involved in many humanitarian projects. As well as a movie star and style model, Emma Watson has become a true feminist icon, taking her work around the world. Many fans, especially recently, have wondered if Emma Watson had retired from the scene, but she actually never gave an official goodbye. She has been missing her for some time now, but who knows if she will soon be able to return for some project.

At the moment, however, his life travels on different tracks. Surely, today Emma Watson has changed a lot compared to the times of Harry Potter. Not only in appearance, but also in interests and activities. From child prodigy Emma Watson became one of the leading young actresses of the film scene, before changing course and establishing herself as a world-renowned activist. This is how Emma Watson has changed today, who puts all her efforts into making the world a better place.

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