Emma Watson in the heat of criticism. “Gryffindor 10 points for anti-Semitism”

The entry of the “Harry Potter” star infuriated the Israelis who belong to the more than 60 million community she has gathered on Instagram. And this despite the fact that she used the words of a researcher dealing with, inter alia, post-colonialism.

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“Solidarity includes commitment and work, as well as recognizing that even when we do not have the same feelings, the same life, or the same bodies, we live on common ground,” Watson continued. This and the photo she used on the web made her known as an anti-Semite.

Gilad Erdan, Israel’s representative at the United Nations, was among the prosecutors of the 31-year-old. An Israeli politician expressed his anger on Twitter, stating: “Maybe the fiction works in” Harry Potter “but not in reality. If that happened, the magic used in the wizarding world would eliminate Hamas, which is oppressive against women and seeks to annihilate Israel (…). I would be grateful for that! “.

In turn, Danny Danon, another dignitary, maliciously announced: “10 points to Gryffindor for anti-Semitism.” However, both and other indignant dignitaries were criticized for overreacting and “misrepresenting anti-Semitism.”

Political activist Leah Greenberg elicited a response from Danon, writing that his statement was “the perfect demonstration of wholly cynical and bad faith arming anti-Semitism to eliminate basic expressions of solidarity with the Palestinian people.”

Watson herself has not yet spoken on the matter, although she has found herself in the same awkward position as writer Sally Rooney. The author of “Normal People” refused to translate her latest book into Hebrew. It was then considered to be “making it difficult to make peace” in the Middle East. The Irish woman, however, did not change her decision.

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