Employee Capital Plans (PPK) – you can check the funds collected

As part of the MojePPK website, you can check information on the total funds accumulated in the Employee Capital Plans program, informed the Polish Development Fund. You can also see the amount of contributions made, broken down into amounts received from the employee, employer and state subsidy. The website also contains information on withdrawals or refunds from the account, if any.

PPK – you can check the funds collected

PFR reminds that when a participant of Employee Capital Plans changes jobs, he may transfer funds from the current PPK account to the PPK account with the new employer or leave both accounts.

“Therefore, there may be a situation where, during his professional career, he will have several or even a dozen or so PPK accounts. The same situation applies to people who work for more than one employer at the same time. collected funds, the MojePPK service was created, aggregating data from the PPK Register kept by PFR SA. ” – we read in the announcement.

“You can log in to the MojePPK website via the mojeppk.pl website or directly at: www.rachunek.mojeppk.pl. Logging in is possible through a trusted profile (i.e. via electronic banking) or using an account created on the website. for information purposes only and does not allow for any instructions related to savings “- informs PFR.

– In the details of each account, you can check the current value of accumulated funds and the amount of payments made, broken down into payments by the employee, employer and state subsidies. The website also contains information on withdrawals or refunds from the account, if any. It also allows you to generate a report with a summary of account data and a summary of all funds collected in the PPK – explains Małgorzata Smołkowska, member of the PFR Portal PPK management board.

According to PFR calculations, on the account of a PPK participant earning PLN 5,300, saving in the PPK from December 2019, it is on average from 100%. up to 130 percent more than he himself contributed to the PPK.

Employee Capital Plans

Employee Capital Plans are a voluntary (you can unsubscribe) and universal system of long-term savings with a view to additional money in retirement (with a few exceptions, funds can be withdrawn after the age of 60). Every employee who is obligatorily subject to retirement and disability insurance can join the program. Savings are created jointly by employees, employers and the state.

The so-called basic contributions to the PPK are: 2 percent gross wages that the employee will pay (however, people earning less than 120% of the minimum wage may apply for a contribution reduction to 0.5%); 1.5 percent the employee’s gross wage to be paid by the employer.

The subsidy from the Labor Fund amounts to PLN 20 per month, which amounts to PLN 240 per year. In addition, in the first year, employees also receive the so-called welcome payment in the amount of PLN 250.

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