Empoli-Milan: Rebic-goal, but the throw-in causes Zanetti and Pioli to fight. Tonali: “I was smart”

He makes the Milan player discuss the throw-in ten meters ahead. The Empoli coach: “I’m angry.” The midfielder: “It was the right thing to do”

He talks about Milan’s first goal in Empoli. And let’s not talk about the sleep of the Empoli defenders, who on Tonali’s throw-in leave Leao too alone, who then makes a great play to send Rebic into the goal. In fact, there are protests from Empoli for that throw-in, from which the Croatian goal is born, which is beaten about ten meters ahead of the actual exit point of the ball.


The result was a moment of tension between the Zanetti and Pioli coaches, with the Empoli coach being cautioned by Aureliano. Zanetti confirms the protests. “I was angry with the referee because they took the lineout before the 1-0 goal far ahead of the exact spot.”


Sandro Tonali, material author of the incriminated lateral phallus, also gives his reading of the episode. “The throw-in? I don’t even look at the position where the ball came out, I hit the side foul immediately. It is also difficult in a second to see the exact point where the ball came out. The goal came from this slightly clever throw-in , but that was what I had to do at that moment. “

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