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Weather: Late October, bad weather risk and lots of snow at low altitudes will return, the details

End of October potentially very dangerous on the weather frontEnd of October potentially very dangerous on the weather frontAutumn is about to raise its voice, bad alluvial weather and a gradually colder climate with the return of snow to low altitudes. On the other hand from the point of view statistical And climatic weather the last weeks of October turn out to be between rainiest of the whole year on many Italian regions; and the reason is to be found in the high latitudes where they form large areas of depression (the classic perturbations) that often impact first on Western Europe and then also on our country.

And that’s exactly what we expect for the end of October. Pointing eyes, especially from 17-18 onwards when a cold front well organized downhill from the North Pole could likely cause arather bad weather wave dangerous for our country. In fact, the unstable currents entering from the Rhone Gate could lead to the formation of a Mediterranean cyclone capable of triggering intense precipitation, even in the form of a storm.

Here we would create a dangerous configuration for our territory with a high pressure block on the Balkan Peninsula which, in fact, would prevent the perturbation of translate to the East, remaining unavoidably “blocked” on Italy. Consequently, also due to the lots of energy at stake (seas still very warm for the season, especially the lower Tyrrhenian), are not to be excluded alluvial phenomena or in any case very abundant, initially borne by the northern regions and the Tyrrhenian ones, also in extension rest of Italy with the possibility of severe thunderstorms And heavy rains.
This depression front, as well as a heavy wave of bad weather, will also be responsible for a drastic thermal drop with the temperatures that they might even carry below the reference climatic averages of several degreesespecially al Center-North.

Last but not least, in such a context the snow could come back as well on our mountainsat times very abundant, with flakes up to about 1400 meters above sea level in the central western Alps.

Second part of October more eventfulSecond part of October more eventful

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