Energy cooperatives are a favorable option in RES

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These are very strong links that result in no change in energy system. The status quo need not, however, continue – both private stakeholders and state investors can act in favor renewable energy sources. In Poland, already 700 thousand. households use solar panels.

– There where state energy cannot cope, or it works too slowly, people take matters into their own hands and start generating electricity for themselves – Bernard Swoczyna, WWF energy storage specialist told eNewsroom.

– This indicates the need for change in the Polish energy sector and increased investment in renewable energy sources. Poland should support the building of energy communities – which is particularly important due to the fact that the law enabling their creation already exists and several such cooperatives have been established. In these cooperatives energy is produced from renewable sources, while they are still connected to the utility grid – which ensures that they are always powered on. Thanks to the use of renewable energy, prices in cooperatives are lower. Those who belong to energy cooperatives have contracted electricity prices at a low level and for many years – emphasizes Swoczyna.


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