England: Isolation of infected vaccinated reduced to five days

The information was provided by the British Minister of Health, Sajid Javid. Speaking in House of Commons He said the change aims to “maximize economic and educational activity” while minimizing the risk of infection from people coming out of isolation. Citing data from the British Health Security Agency (UKHSA), he indicated that about two-thirds of those infected by the end of the fifth day isolation it ceases to infect.

Fully vaccinated personswho were detected coronavirus, will be allowed to complete isolation after five full days, as long as they test negative on days five and six. This means that they will realistically be able to end their isolation early on the sixth day.

Currently, such people can end their isolation period if they get a negative result antigen test carried out on the sixth and seventh day, with at least 24 hours between their execution. If the test is still positive, they must remain in isolation until the end of day 10.

This is the second change in the isolation period recently – before Christmas it was shortened from 10 to seven days, but due to the spread of the variant Omicronand, as a consequence, growing absenteeism due to isolation of the infected, there were calls for a further shortening of this period.

According to the UKHSA data cited by Javid, 31.1 percent of the coronavirus is still transmitted five days after the coronavirus was detected. people, after seven – 15.8 percent, and after 10 days – 5.1 percent. But when performing two tests, a large proportion of these people are identified as still transmitting the infection – for people who take the second test on day 7, in the same situation as today, the contamination rate in the study was 6.2%, so it was only slightly higher than in people after 10 days of isolation who were not tested during this time.

The governments of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have not yet announced whether they will also shorten the isolation period.

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