Erdogan the ‘peacemaker’: he hears Putin and offers himself (again) as a mediator with Kiev. And he attacks the EU: “He prefers provocation to peace”

Among the extremism manifested in the last hours byEuropean Unionthe Ukrainian firmnessthe opening of the Russia and the wait-and-see position of United Stateswhoever seeks a position halfway between the parties is still the ‘mediator’ Recep Tayyip Erdogan. In his perennial attempt to present himself as pacifieralso obtaining results from the beginning of the conflict with the signature a Istanbul of the agreement on unlocking of the grainthe Turkish president took advantage of the European Union’s recent leap forward on unconditional support for a Volodymyr Zelensky to return to ask, first, greater openness towards the via diplomats and then attack your own Brussels accusing her of prefer “provocation and escalation”. All while there are also signals from the United States that are not exactly in line with the firmness manifested in recent months, with the secretary of state, Antony Blinken, who spoke of Washington’s opening up to the “diplomatic solution. Even if, at the moment, Russia seems to be going in a completely different direction ”.

The Turkish president reiterated his willingness to mediate in a Friday morning phone call with Vladimir Putina few hours after the resolution of the European Parliament which yesterday confirmed the need for “massively strengthen military assistance, in particular in areas where it is requested by the Ukrainian government, in order to allow Ukraine to regain full control over its entire internationally recognized territory and to effectively defend itself against any further aggression by Russia; calls for consideration to be given to establishing one long-term military assistance tool of the ‘lend-lease’ type for Ukraine; calls in particular on hesitant Member States to provide their fair share of the military assistance needed to help bring the war to a quicker end; recalls that the hesitation among those who support Ukraine only prolongs the war and costs the lives of innocent Ukrainians ”. To his counterpart, who after the illegal and unilateral annexation of four Ukrainian territories said he was open to new peace talksErdogan said that “an equitable peace has no losers. Even the worst peace is better than war. Turkey speaks to all parties and has their trust, unfortunately some European countries prefer provocation and escalation ”. The president “reiterated that he is ready to do his part for the peaceful resolution of the Ukrainian question, in a way that can be an advantage for all”.

A position that Erdogan has held thanks to a careful game of balances between the so-called Western bloc and Russia, with its heaviest accusations affecting Europe above all. On the one hand, she has never disavowed the line of Bornalso providing Kiev with the fundamentals Bayraktar drones which caused numerous casualties among Russian soldiers, on the other hand it first decided not to take economic measures against the Federation and then openly criticized the decision of Washington and Brussels to impose sanctions to Russia, calling them “provocations” and continuing to have relations with the country. Today, after the vote of the Strasbourg Plenary and the online statements by the President of the EU Parliament, Roberta Metsolaand the High Representative for Foreign Policy, Josep Borrell, which confirm the unconditional commitment to the Ukrainian military cause, Erdogan receives a new assist to attack the Union and fill the role of the pacifist. Favored, as mentioned, also by the latest statements coming from Washington. President Bidenafter having sounded the alarm on the risk of a “Nuclear Armageddon”, he limited himself to wondering what could be an honorable exit for Vladimir Putin, but it is Secretary of State Blinken who sends out signals of openness: the US is willing to seek a “diplomatic solution” to put an end to the conflict in Ukraine, but only as long as there is a “serious will” on the part of the Russian president. “When Russia demonstrates that it is serious about taking this path, we will be there. But, at the moment, the signals go in another direction“.

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