“Errors in strategy”. 8 Russian generals torpedoed

Xi Jimping is surprised and unhappy with how things are going for Putin (who has already torpedoed eight generals) in Ukraine. This was stated by CIA director William Burns during a congressional hearing last Tuesday, in which, sitting next to the director of National Intelligence, he spoke very frankly about the information in his possession regarding the ongoing war, and the strategies that are behind him. The Russian leader had designed the invasion as a blitzkrieg, in which the first artillery attacks were supposed to annihilate the Ukrainian defenses, and favor the almost immediate entry of Russian troops into major cities.

Ukraine, why is Belarus so important to Putin? The exchange of accusations, the pretext for entering the war and the risk of invasion: there is already a clash with Kiev


Three weeks after the start of operations, the mission is in a chaotic phase: control of the cities is far from assured, the Ukrainian sappers trained by the US have inflicted significant damage on air tanks and invading soldiers, and the population decimated. by mortar fire and bombs she is humiliated but not defeated.
This was not the basis on which Xi ventured his support for the Special Military Operations launched by Putin, which should have quickly re-established the ideal conditions for guaranteeing Russian national security. Burns also revealed that Xi had not been warned in advance by his intelligence of the invasion beginning on February 24, and that it angered him. The Chinese leader did not suspect that the Russians would show such brutality in the attack, and now fears that his country is associated, in the eyes of international public opinion, with the ferocity of the images that are filmed and photographed on a daily basis on the war scene. The Western strategy of preventing Putin’s moves by divulging them in public as soon as they become aware of the intelligence apparatuses is humiliating the Russian leader who is used to surrounding himself with the utmost secrecy.

Ukrainian defense minister Oleksiy Reznikov denounced a new, complicated design conceived by the president himself, according to which Russian troops already entered Ukraine from the northern border should turn their ground and air artillery against targets in their friend Belarus. The attack hides the intention to justify the entry of soldiers into Ukraine, to take sides with the Russian ones in the war. Putin and President Lukashenko would have consulted on the matter during two phone calls yesterday. In confirmation of the inference, the explosion of some bombs thrown from the sky was in fact recorded near the border between the two countries, around 9 pm which had been indicated by Reznikov as the time x for the start of the provocation. The Russian leader is furious at the lack of results. Resnikov told a newspaper in his country that eight of the generals in office in the initial invasion plans have already been removed from command positions, replaced by new commanders who have already changed operational strategy several times.


The frustration and anger extends to the top of the FSB, heir to the KGB. It was they who told the chief that Ukraine’s military might would be shattered in the face of the first attacks, information that did not turn out to be spot on. Putin also announced that there would be 16,000 fighters of different nationalities, ready to leave Syria to join the Russian forces already at work on the war front. Their contribution does not seem decisive for the purposes of military victory, given the disparity of forces in the field. The announcement seems rather intended to disavow the objective situation of international isolation in which Russia has come to find itself, amidst diplomatic sanctions and condemnations for what is happening. Putin has in fact accused Ukraine of gathering an army of mercenaries without a flag, in violation of the laws governing relations between countries. His call for foreign fighters, both in Belarus and Syria, seems like a way of settling the score, and showing that his country still has some form of support outside its borders.


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