Escape from Tarkov impresses with its graphics. DLSS technology shows its claw again

The creators of Escape from Tarkov decided to remind us of their still emerging shooting. The game received a new trailer, this time focused on the graphics aspects.

The latest video material was prepared in cooperation with NVIDIA. Escape from Tarkov is another production, after Dying Light 2 or Rainbow Six Extraction, that will support DLSS technology, providing a much higher framerate with minimal, very little noticeable deterioration of visual quality.

The video below shows not only how great Escape from Tarkov can look with DLSS enabled, but also how great are the gains in smooth animation when using this technology. In one of the shots, NVIDIA boasts 40 frames per second increase in the framerate. In the same situation, the game generates approx. 88 fps in normal graphics mode, and even 130 fps with DLSS on.

This is yet another, very impressive example of DLSS in gaming. Previously, NVIDIA showed that technology could deliver even two-fold increments of the framerate in productions such as Away: The Survival Series, which we wrote about in more detail here.

Unfortunately, we still do not know when Escape from Tarkov will be fully released on the market. The game is still in beta.

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