Etna Valley, STMicroelectronics invests 730 million and will hire 700 people

«The awaited news of the construction in Catania of the production plant for the construction of a silicon carbide wafer plant arrived this morning. The national management of STMicroelectronics has announced that the European Commission has approved, in accordance with the EU rules on state aid, the direct grant of 292.5 million euros in support of 730 million euros that the company will use for the construction of the ‘Sic project’ with the direct hiring of 700 people ». This was announced by the general secretary of the Fim Cisl of Sicily Piero Nicastro, who adds: «It is news that we have been waiting for for some time. For the Catania area it represents an important recognition that confirms the strategic role of the production site not only for STMicroelectronics but for the entire semiconductor sector in Europe.

The expected 700 new jobs will mainly involve young people in the area. We hope that research and training collaborations with universities and technical institutes will increase in order to qualify the skills of workers and become a pole of excellence for the whole country ». In fact, the semiconductor manufacturing process will be completed in the same plant, where the entire SiC substrate value chain will be realized, from the production of the raw material to the manufacturing of the SiC wafers. “Finally a concrete provision of the European Community – comments Massimiliano Nobis national secretary of the Fim Cisl – the first in our country after the announcement of the 2030 Digital Compass plan, which aims to produce one fifth of the chips of the world needs in Europe by the end of decade with a total investment of 20 billion euros. It is a measure which supports the processes linked to the green transition and which pays attention to employment ».

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