European Parliament: ‘Rampant and deep-rooted FIFA corruption, top leagues apply pressure’ | First page

Today, the deputies of the European Parliament they pointed out that the Qatar won FIFA World Cup bidding process amid “credible allegations of bribery and bribery”, deploring the deaths and injuries of thousands of migrant workers, mainly in the construction sector, who helped the country prepare for the tournament.

The non-legislative text was adopted by show of hands. In describing corruption within FIFA as “rampant, systemic and deeply rooted”MEPs complain about the lack of transparency and the clear lack of responsible risk assessment that characterized the choice of Qatar as host country of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, a choice that damaged the credibility of world football.

Parliament urges EU countries, especially those with major national football leagues, such as the Germany, France, Italy and Spain, to put pressure on UEFA and FIFA to commit the latter to carry out fundamental reforms. Among these, the introduction of democratic and transparent procedures for the allocation of the World Cup and the rigorous application of human rights and sustainability criteria for host countries.

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