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An exciting gold comes from the men’s style 4×100 with Miressi, Ceccon, Zazzeri and Frigo. Silver for Silvia Scalia in the 50 backstroke and bronze for Pizzini in the 200 breaststroke

Let’s learn them by heart, like the formations of the football teams of the past: Alessandro Miressi, Thomas Ceccon, Lorenzo Zazzeri, Manuel Frigo, the 4×100 gold at the European swimming championships in Rome, after the world bronze and silver in Tokyo. The Italy of swimming never disappoints, it keeps all its promises: it closes by dominating in 3’10”50, ahead of Hungary and Great Britain. We are very happy, today we had only one task and we took it home, says Zazzeri before dedicating himself to the new phenomenon that the fantasy game saying to the cameras a series of disconnected phrases. Relentless Ceccon, especially with himself: Yes, it was only about winning, Manuel was the best, I was the slowest, the style is not coming along very well these days.

Scalia and Pizzini

And if the four of the relay are the champions of the present and the future, the other medals of the day are part of the never give up chapter. There are those who arrive by breaking down obstacles at 16 like Lorenzo Galossi (bronze in the 800s) and those who have struggled all their life to reach an international medal, such as Silvia Scalia: 27 years old, trained in Verona for a year by Matteo Giunta (former coach and future husband of Federica Pellegrini) wins silver in the 50 backstroke in 27”53, behind the unstoppable French Pigree (27”27). I felt all the tension after yesterday’s race, I wanted to do well, it was my first European final on an individual level, I went from zero to one hundred in one day – Silvia’s first words as soon as she got out of the water – I’m very happy, I didn’t expect to go home with a silver. Silvia one of those who has known so many lows and now enjoys this high, very high moment. Now I start to realize … The first thanks goes to Matteo (Giunta, in fact, ed), I went to him at a time when no one believed in me, together we worked a lot and the first one I have to thank, then the Fiamme Gialle and my whole team.

And he never gave up either Luca Pizzini, bronze in the 200 breaststroke at 33, he too trained by Giunta, so much so that Federica Pellegrini, godmother in the stands, is captured by the cameras moved by the results of her future husband but also by Luca who for many years trained with her in Verona. I tried my best, despite coming from two quite complicated seasons – Pizzini remembers now – I tried to resist as best I could, because I wanted to compete here in Rome. a beautiful and tasty medal that I dedicate to my wife and my son who will be born in November. For Luca a time of 2’09”97 behind the English Wilby of gold in 2’08”96 and the Finnish Matsson 2’09”40.

Today’s program: where to see the races and results

Artistic swimming

From artistic swimming comes the usual collection of medals: Giorgio Minisini imposes himself as one of the faces of these Europeans, winning the third gold in the free solo exercise (after the one in the free solo and in the duo paired with Lucrezia Ruggiero). The overflowing stands of the Nicola Pietrangeli for the occasion filled with water (An emotion to see one of the temples of sport that transforms itself perfectly into the synchro arena – the comment of Diego Nepi, general manager of Sport and Health -. It makes us understand how a reality like the Foro Italico, born in the Thirties , protagonist in Rome 1960 can shape himself and always be in step with the times) will accelerate the growth of the movement: for the kids in the stands today to see a boy competing in completely normal synchronized swimming. Two other silvers then come from the workaholic of artistic swimming Linda Cerruti, who adds to the collection the medal in the free solo and then joins the team to collect that of the combined, both times behind her friends from Ukraine.

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