Eva Green Sues White Lantern Over Unpaid Fee, Actress Accused of Being a ‘Diva’ | Cinema

Eve Green has decided to sue the White Lantern (Britannica) Ltd. in light of unpaid fees for to Patriota 2019 film that never went into production.

The actress was expected to receive a fee of $1.04 million based on her “pay-or-play” deal that guaranteed her unseen cachet whether the film was made or not.

White Lantern has in turn sued the actress, accusing her of having “misrepresented with fraudulent intent by implying that she was ready and willing to fulfill her contractual obligationswhile having no plans to star in the film. The legal documents say that Green would have called the backers of the “ass*s” and one of the producers, Jake Seal, “coglio*e” and “nauseabo”.

to Patriotaccording to Green’s lawyer, would have been suspended after a series of failures, from lack of funding to the absence of key players such as Helen Hunt and Charles Dance (interested in the project but without having signed contracts).

The defense, for its part, argues that Green would have tried to conspire to sabotage the film with the intent to repossess the script and make it with other people.

The lawyer of Eve Green stressed during the first day of the trial in London that the defense would be trying to “portray my client as a diva […] to ruin her reputation“.


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